Local Treats in Angeles City - Philippines

The pioneer heritage of Angeles City greatly pushes upward the image of the place. During the past years, Angeles City experienced struggling times yet the survival period was successful. Eventually, Angeles City became the entertainment enter in island of Luzon.

The story of the place is from rags to riches making the spot one of the popular destination places in the entire Philippines. Aside from the utmost entertainment, Angeles City is also known because of its growing business opportunities. Travel to the attractive places in the city and who knows you might find the interest to venture on business sector of the place. Take pleasure in seeing what Angeles City has to offer and dont forget to consider the top 5 local treats in Angeles City, Philippines.

Mount Pinatubo Trekking

Take the flight to the outstanding sight of Mount Pinatubo which is famous not just within the Philippine boundary but also in the entire globe. For you to see the crater, you need to ride on q plane and go over 6,000 feet. Angeles City wanted to improve the attraction of the place thats why several nature trails were constructed. The Capas trail is the favorite trekking sites which allow everyone to feel the adventure sprit while crossing rivers, cliffs and creeks.

Theme Park Activities

Angeles City, Philippines also holds a historical and cultural theme park that is truly worth visiting. Be amazed with the different display and outstanding view of the park depicting the history, heritage and culture of Filipinos. Everybody will surely enjoy every corner of the theme park and feel acquainted and oriented with Filipinos.

Hot Air Ballooning

The Hot Air Balloon Festival is held every year at Clark Freeport Zone in Angeles City. This unique festival only happens in Angeles City wherein competitors came from different countries. Although the festival is very local, many foreigners find it amusing. Colorful designs on the hot air balloons are very refreshing making all the spectators to watch out for the festival every year.

Aside from the festival, people are also entertained with other aerial demonstrations like aerobatic, choreographed kite-flying, flying formations, skydiving and many others. With 100 pesos entrance fee you get the chance to enjoy these spectacular events.

Taste of the Local Art

The whole place is also the home of great foods. Everyone is invited to taste the local cuisines and enticing delicacies provided by different restaurants in the city. Every bit of your food will surely give you the reason to visit Angeles City all over again.

Nightlife Party

Angeles City is known as the entertainment capital of the entire Luzon. Given the title the city is endowed with several entertainment centers, café, resto bars and many others where people could live their nightlife with active spirits. The entire city is alive at night just the same as during the daytime.