Hotels in Samar - Philippines

As Samar begins to attract tourist and travelers who long to experience the beauty of the other provinces in the Philippines, the number of hotels and resorts in the province are beginning to expand. This guide to the top 5 hotels in Samar is evidence of the potential for tourism in the province.

Dumpao Beach Resort

The Dumpao Beach Resort has high quality service along the front of Guiuan Beach, which is one of the most magnificent in the province.

Because of its proximity to the beach, guests at the Dumpao Beach Resort can enjoy fun in the sun and waves anytime they choose. The plants and lush trees around the resort offer shade, and you are allowed to install tents for a camping experience. The resort also has an air conditioned hall with a karaoke for even more entertainment.

The Rolet Hotel

Located in Catbalogan, the Rolet Hotel is an excellent lodging place that provides good service with a smile.

Staying at the Rolet Hotel affords you a splendid view of the surrounding mountains, not to mention the swimming pool too. Being in the midst of Samar means you can get to any point without much difficulty. The staff and personnel are very amiable, and provide the service with a smile that is lacking in some hotels.

The Calicoan Surf Camp

For those looking for a place to escape from the summer heat, the Calicoan Surf Camp can be the getaway of your dreams.

The moment you arrive you will be approached by the friendly serviceman who will take care of any luggage you carry. The feeling of being in a paradise hideaway increases as you experience the amenities. The rooms are air conditioned, and come with satellite TV and hot water. An important part of any hotel would be the view of course, and the Calicoan Surf Camp does not disappoint as it has a vista of the endless sea.

The Marju Krisel

The Marju Krisel Hotel is located in Calbayog and offers affordable and pleasing accommodation that makes for an unforgettable and pleasant stay.

The rooms in the Marju Krisel come with all the basic amenities such as hot and cold water, TV and telephones and the housekeepers and personnel are there to ensure the cleanliness of the place and attend to your needs. Quiet, peaceful and located near several beaches, the Marju Krisel is an inviting place to reside while in Samar.

Jasmin Beach Resort

The beaches in Samar are picturesque and staying at the Jasmin Beach Resort gives you an opportunity to swim there, thanks to its strategic location near these tourist spots.

The Jasmin Beach Resort also has a restaurant serving an array of different types of food and drinks. The rooms have TV, beds and lamps, and last but not the least a view of the beautiful white sands.

The budding growth of tourism in Samar will only fuel the demand for more affordable and excellent hotels and resorts. So do not be surprised if the service and accommodations at the place you stay in just gets better and better.