Handicap Accessible Hotels in Sorsogon - Philippines

Fernandos Hotel

With its simple yet highly efficient services and easy-to-use amenities, Fernandos Hotel grabs a place in the Top 5 Handicap Accessible Hotels in Sorsogon Philippines. Guests with disabilities can choose from any of the 24 available air-conditioned rooms, all of which have hot and cold water, cable TVs, and soft beds. More than anything else, people will definitely love its personalized services, homey intimacy, and rustic ambiance. Executive Rooms are classified into various kinds, namely Banig Rooms, Coconut Rooms, Anahaw Rooms, and Abaca Rooms. A couple of food service providers are also featured inside the place, one of which is the Lobby Bar and Café, which serves Filipino delicacies while specializing in fresh seafood dishes. On the other hand, Kalundan Seafood Restaurant is home to some of the freshest seafood meals including crabs, shrimps, and squids.

Villa Isabel

Although Villa Isabel is small compared to other hotels in Sorsogon, the place provides a homey and relaxing ambiance for people with disabilities. More importantly, it offers personalized service and pays careful attention to these special guests. Its services are highly efficient, the hotel staff is generally courteous, and the room rates are absolutely cheap, with regular published rates ranging from 600 pesos to 1,250 pesos. For shorter stays, the prices are much lower, with 3-hour stays priced at 300 pesos to 400 pesos.

Mercedes Country Lodge

As a top handicap accessible hotel, Mercedes Country Lodge in Sorsogon is proud to present a well-trained hotel staff that is generally described as courteous, helpful, and very friendly. Ready to serve its guests for 24-hours, these people pays careful attention to the different needs of its guests, including the special needs of people with disabilities. Likewise, the hotel has some impressive security features including accessible fire exits, smoke alarms, and spacious hallways. Budget Rooms are priced at 400 pesos each, with basic features like bathrooms, toilets, and electric fans. Meanwhile, Standard Rooms only cost 550 pesos, complete with TVs, electric fans, and spacious beds. On the other hand, Deluxe Rooms and Superior Rooms are both air-conditioned, with prices somewhere in between 650 pesos to 800 pesos.

Rizal Beach Resort

Found along the area of Rizal within Gubat in Sorsogon, Rizal Beach Resort is a relatively simple yet highly convenient hotel facility. When staying at this place, disabled guests can enjoy nice services like car rentals, guided tours, and airport transfers. Primarily, the resort facility features native-inspired beach cottages, several recreational facilities, as well as dining facilities. Meanwhile, the in-house restaurant is always ready to serve delectable dishes and other mouthwatering treats.

Andys Point Apartelle

Finally yet importantly, Andys Point Apartelle occupies a spot in the Top 5 Handicap Accessible Hotels in Sorsogon Philippines. Situated along Rizal Street within the area of Piot in the City of Sorsogon, it offers three main types of accommodations, namely Deluxe Suites, Superior Suites, and Grand Suites. Its basic room amenities include intercoms, cable TV sets, as well as hot and cold running water.