Handicap Accessible Hotels in Laoag - Philippines

Balay da Blas

Famous for its personalized and highly efficient services, many people love to stay at Balay de Blas at Barangay 7-B in Laoag City, including individuals with disabilities. This pension house offers topnotch room service, safe accommodations, and comfortable guestrooms. Its rooms are luxuriously beautiful, classified mainly into Executive Suites, Deluxe Suites, and Junior Suites for the price of 1,350 pesos to 5,000 pesos. Living rooms, kitchens, and private bathrooms are some of the most convenient in-room amenities found at this place. More importantly, the hotel staff provides special care for disabled guests, giving them unmatched personalized service for total customer satisfaction.

Java Hotel

Aside from its exceptionally good facilities and affordable room rates, Java Hotel is also known for its topnotch accommodations for handicapped guests. Starting from its rooms, they can already feel utmost comfort and convenience, especially with the availability of fine amenities like bathtubs, colored TVs, and mini-bars. Using the state-of-the-art electronic keycard system, disabled people will never have a hard time opening their doors. Additionally, the services are great as well such as comfortable shuttle services, convenient airport transfers, and efficient room service for everyone. The rates are bad either, with prices starting at the inexpensive rate of 2,200 pesos for Standard Rooms up to 6,500 pesos for Presidential Suites.

Fort Ilocandia Resort

Fort Ilocandia Resort is within Barangay 37. Inside this nice hotel, people can find numerous convenient facilities including world-class casino, a couple of food service providers, and well-appointed guestrooms among other excellent features. The rooms at this place aim to provide optimum comfort and convenience through their remarkably good amenities such as safety vaults, private balconies, and bathtubs. For sure, guests with disabilities will enjoy the wonderful ambiance of the hotel, especially with the friendly services that only its staff can provide. For more details about its other handicap accessible features, contact the telephone/fax number (077)-670-9111.

Northview Hotel

Many handicapped guests love to stay at Northview Hotel because of the special care, attention, and service that this place consistently provides. By staying here, people can enjoy some peaceful, quiet, and relaxing moments away from the hassles of the busy streets of Laoag City. For those who prefer naturally good fresh air, they do have a choice of staying at any of the less expensive fan rooms, which contain basic amenities such as private bathrooms, intercoms, and cable TV sets. Dining is also not a problem at this place because it houses a couple of dining establishments.

Palazzo de Laoag Hotel

Another fine hotel in Laoag City, Palazzo de Laoag Hotel provides its guests with the superior comfort and convenience they need to attain pleasurable stays, which makes it one of the top handicap accessible hotels in the area. Right in front of the main lobby, the friendly hotel staff awaits guests where they will be welcomed with open arms and warm smiles. Its rates are not that expensive, with Standard Rooms available for only 1,125 pesos, Cabanas for 1,200 pesos, and Executive Suites for 1,980 pesos. This hotel has nothing but the best in-stored for people with disabilities.