Handicap Accessible Hotels in Dumaguete - Philippines

Dumaguete is one of the most intimate and kindest cities in the Visayas Region of the Philippines and you will find no other place where people are very service oriented in Negros than Dumaguete City. People feel comfortable in this little city because they are so well taken care of, and that also goes for the handicapped people. Since not every hotel in Dumaguete has an elevator or stairs for handicapped, we took the liberty of compiling the top 5 handicap accessible hotels in Dumaguete Philippines for you to visit.

The Palm of the Palms

Hotel Palwa is named after a palm tree, yet it does not have any resemblance with one. The hotel however made it into the top 5 handicap accessible hotels in Dumaguete Philippines, because it is located in the heart of Dumaguete City and everything else you need is accessible from Hotel Palwa. They also have a great room service and although they have no elevator, their people are friendly and helpful enough to escort you to your room and out. The rooms are relatively clean and have a view out of the city.

The Plaza by the Park

Plaza Maria Louisa is another hotel in the top 5 handicap accessible hotels in Dumaguete Philippines, because it is located in the center of the Dumaguete downtown area and because it has a recreational park right in front of it. The rooms are relatively small, but affordable and the Plaza Maria Louisa Hotel has an elevator with which you can get to the different floors very easily. Skip the food in the hotel and take your meals outside, because their food quality is not even worth 3 stars. You will find the Quezon Park a great spot to let loose and relax and you have a McDonalds right beside the hotel, so what more could you ask for?

Check Inn

Check Inn is a hotel that is also located right in the heart of the downtown area and its spacious rooms and facilities prove that this hotel is on the top 5 handicap accessible hotels in Dumaguete Philippines. The service crew is friendly and escorts you to wherever you want. The elevator takes you to the different floors and the rooms are spacious and affordable. Their restaurant serves very good international food and the restaurant itself is very spacious which makes it easier for handicapped people to get around especially those using wheelchairs.

Pure Life Resort Hotel

Pura Vida Resort and Hotel is 15 minutes away from downtown Dumaguete, but it still deserves a place on the top 5 handicap accessible hotels in Dumaguete - Philippines, because of its service, adventures and facilities. At the Pura Vida Resort and Hotel you can avail of an assistance service, which is a person that will be responsible for your needs and wants. You can get to the city proper with their shuttle bus and you can even go diving, for as long as your handicap is not in the way. The food consists of delectable European and international dishes which will let you crave for more.

Bethel Guest House

The Bethel Guest House is the best choice for handicapped people in town. Bethel Guest House has a shuttle service that can take you from A to B in no time, and the elevators make it easy for you to get around in the hotel. All the floors are leveled off so that you will not find any hidden steps that are especially dangerous for people in a wheelchair. Their café and restaurant serves a buffet of delicious Chinese and local dishes that you can munch at any time of the day.