Handicap Accessible Hotels in Dipolog - Philippines

Hotel Camila

Hotel Camila is generally a very handicap-friendly hospitality service provider found along General Luna Street in the City of Dipolog. Comprised of four spacious floors, this place features highly accessible guestrooms that classified into Business Class, Deluxe Rooms, and Standard Rooms. Cable television sets, hot showers, and telephone lines comprise all of these rooms, with rates starting from 499 pesos to 1,250 pesos. For weddings, special packages are available inclusive of honeymoon suites, bridal cars, and lechon. Add to that, it also has function rooms and meeting facilities that are spacious enough to hold large gatherings and special occasions. More importantly, it has very accommodating individuals behind the highly efficient hotel staff.

Mibang Hotel

Mibang Hotel is another prestigious hospitality service provider included in the Top 5 Handicap Accessible Hotels in Dipolog Philippines. Its efficient services are matched well with fine amenities like a relaxing hotel lobby, a nice swimming pool, and a beautiful fishpond. Right up front, the reception area is manned by friendly individuals who are ready to provide the proper assistance to guests, especially for individuals with disabilities. The rooms are relatively simple yet very clean and inviting. Room accommodations are available in three various types, namely Single Standard Rooms, Double Standard Rooms, and Suite Rooms. For as much as 750 pesos to 1,500 pesos, people can already enjoy fine amenities like air-conditioning units, showers, and TV sets. Room service is also available for 24 hours, making sure that the hotel staff members always cater to the different needs of guests.

Montano Inn

Montano Inn is a well-equipped hotel that owns special and easy access features for handicapped people. Those who plan to stay at this place can choose between air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned rooms for the price of 150 pesos to 200 pesos. In addition, the hotel also offers dormitory-type housing. Other notable features inside this cozy hospitality service provider are function halls, an outdoor dining facility, and a capacious convention hall. Add to that, it is also open for hosting special events and providing catering services, which are great for occasions like baptisms, weddings, and seminars. The room service is topnotch at this hotel, giving handicap guests the appropriate comfort and convenience they need.

Top Plaza Hotel

Definitely one of the biggest hospitality service providers in Dipolog City, Top Plaza Hotel also has exciting features that are guaranteed to impress, please, as well as satisfy people with disabilities. It has an elevator service that makes things more convenient and much easier for disabled guests, in addition to other special features like a swimming pool, meeting facilities, and a souvenir shop. In terms of bringing quality services, this hotel is always on top of the list as it offers wake up calls, ticket reservations, and airport transfers. Furthermore, it also houses the Seven Treasures Restaurant, which is very famous in the area for its wide variety of special international food offerings.

Top Plaza Pensionne

Located at the corner of Quezon Avenue in Dipolog City, Top Plaza Pensionne is known for its affordable, reliable, and convenient room accommodations. This hotel offers air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned rooms for only 150 pesos to 1,000 pesos. On the other hand, those who prefer to live in a grander, more private, and more spacious environment can stay at the Suites for only 1,500 pesos to 2,000 pesos. These rooms are equipped with easy-to-use amenities like nice beds, tiled floorings, and clean bathrooms.