Handicap Accessible Hotels in Bicol - Philippines

New Crown Hotel

With its rich history behind its back, New Crown Hotel continues to thrive as one of the nicest hospitality service providers in Bicol Region, particularly for its ability to pay closer attention to the special needs of people with disabilities. Located along P. Burgos Street in the City of Naga, this hotel has nothing but the finest and most convenient hotel amenities available such as food service providers East and West Jazz Bar, the Park Restaurant, and Café Federico. Additionally, guests cannot help but notice its superior services like airport transfers, free Internet connection, and 24-hour room service, all of which prove highly convenient for guests with disabilities. Its rooms are also quite impressive, each of which has a comfortable bed, a private bathroom, and a cable TV set.

Villa Caceres

Situated along Magsaysay Avenue in Naga City, Villa Caceres owns second place in the Top 5 Handicap Accessible Hotels in Bicol Philippines. Amongst the topnotch services available inside this place that are guaranteed to provide convenience for all its valued guests, more so for disabled guests are shuttle services, provincial tours, and valet service. Meanwhile, those who want to relax can stay and spend some time at the souvenir shop, the outdoor Jacuzzi, or at the sauna. Furthermore, the room service is also noteworthy because of the efficiency and precision of the hotel staff.

Moraville Hotel and Restaurant

Located along Dinaga Street in Naga City, Moraville Hotel and Restaurant aims to give its guests pleasurable stays, as well as modern comfort and convenience that are normally found in their homes. Inside its Suites, hotel guests with disabilities are sure to benefit from the presence of nice in-room amenities like personal refrigerators, elegant bathrooms, and capacious living rooms. Prices start from 500 pesos for ordinary accommodations inclusive of telephones, electric fans, and cable TV sets. Meanwhile, its grandest rooms have bathtubs, receiving areas, and air-condition systems.

Moraville Motor Lodge

Found along Mabolo Drive, which is also within Naga City, Moraville Motor Lodge is a less expensive alternative to Moraville Hotel and Restaurant, with published rates ranging from 380 pesos to 440 pesos for shortened stays. On the other hand, overnight stays can cost guests somewhere around 650 pesos to 1,430 pesos. This place is highly accessible for handicapped individuals because of its simple yet highly efficient features, together with its very accommodating staff members.

Hotel Moraville

Finally, completing the list of Top 5 Handicap Accessible Hotels in Bicol Philippines is Hotel Moraville, which is located within the area of San Francisco in Nabua. In this place, handicapped individuals can have some peaceful and quiet atmosphere that allows them to live in serenity, comfort, and convenience. Highly accessible and easy-to-use in-room amenities include cable TVs, hot showers, and king-sized beds. It also has a reliably good room service, which delivers deliciously great food to guests right into their respective rooms. 4-hour accommodations only cost 380 pesos to 390 pesos, while whole-day stays are priced at 750 pesos to 1,380 pesos.