Handicap Accessible Hotels in Angeles City - Philippines

Swiss Chalet and Restaurant

Although this hotel is small compared to other major hospitality service providers in Angeles City, Swiss Chalet and Restaurant makes it directly to the first spot in the Top 5 Handicap Accessible Hotels in Angeles City Philippines. The excellent accommodations at this place start with its super friendly and courteous staff, whose members are ready to go an extra mile to give guests total customer satisfaction. Add to that, the hotel has its very own Gourmet Restaurant, thus eliminating the need to go out for some great-tasting food. Its facilities are simple yet highly efficient, which make things more convenient and easy-to-use for all its guests. Furthermore, the room service is highly notable because of the efficiency of hotel staff.

Sunset Garden Inn

Sunset Garden Inn along Malabanias Road is another fine hotel that looks carefully to the special needs of people with disabilities. By doing so, it does not only becomes a favorite place for people who want to experience supremely good stays, but also a haven for handicapped individuals who are in search for some really great time. The rooms are equipped with fine amenities, which offer people ease of use and comfort such as wireless Internet connection, efficient room service, and private bathrooms. The rates are commendable as well, with standard rooms costing only 1,290 pesos each and family rooms for 1,550 pesos on a daily basis. The place is also proud of its very own outdoor grill as well as a convenient bar and restaurant.

Medgar Executive Apartelle

Another great hotel for handicapped people is Medgar Executive Apartelle, which is famous for providing hassle-free hotel services and accommodations. Overall, this place features three extremely fine guestrooms that are specially designed for people with disabilities. At the main entrance, a ramp is provided as well, which may be of great use especially for those who are using wheelchairs. The accessibility of these rooms is unmatched, which also serves as a serious sign of the hotels concern for the different needs of all its valued guests.

Wild Orchid Resort

Wild Orchid Resort is another impressive hotel that makes it to the list of the finest handicap accessible hotels in Angeles City. Generally, this location is where people can find gracious service, special attention and care for their different needs, and utmost hospitality from the courteous members of the hotel staff. The hotel also boasts of tremendously fine services such as transportation, guided tours, and visa assistance. It also features the Wild Aces Poker Room, where guests can experience superior gaming entertainment.

Clarkton Hotel

The fifth and final slot in the Top 5 Handicap Accessible Hotels in Angeles City Philippines belongs to Clarkton Hotel, found within Barangay Balibago. Of course, this hospitality service provider treats its guests with utmost respect, friendliness, and hospitality, while allowing them to enjoy its highly accessible facilities. Likewise, its services are very much impressive as well such as shuttle service, kitchen services, and reliable room service. Additionally, it also features easy access beauty shop, travel agency, and restaurant.