Family Friendly Hotels in Zamboanga - Philippines

Marcian Garden Hotel

Marcian Garden Hotel is one of the first-rate hospitality service providers in Zamboanga City that offers many family-friendly features. Of course, heading the list is the large swimming pool situated right in the middle of the hotel premises. Likewise, families can dine conveniently inside the cozy restaurant positioned besides the pool area. In addition, they can hold special events at the spacious convention hall, which is perfect for weddings, graduations, and even birthday parties. For utmost convenience, it also has air-conditioned rooms, a poolside grill, and a business center.

Azenith Royale Hotel

Azenith Royale Hotel is another impressive hospitality service provider that makes it to the Top 5 Family Friendly Hotels in Zamboanga Philippines. It has rooms with double beds available for only 850 pesos, with additional beds up-for-grabs for 200 pesos each. Right inside the hotel, families can dine in style and comfort at Al-sadrs Brasserie Café and Restaurant, which serves special fruit shakes and pleasant coffee variations. At the same time, they can hold some special events at the capacious Jovaynas Dome, which can hold up to 200 guests in any single occasion.

G.C. Hotel

Also known for its family-friendly features, accommodations, and amenities, G.C. Hotel never fails to satisfy its guests through its consistently low rates and unmatched personalized services. The rooms are spacious enough to hold two or more beds, with prices set at 810 pesos for double-bed rooms inclusive of value-added tax. All its beautiful air-conditioned rooms have complete amenities including telephones, colored TVs, and hot showers. At the History Karaoke Bar and Cocktail Lounge, family members can spend quality time together singing some of the latest and most popular songs today. Meanwhile, the Roof Deck Restaurant is an excellent venue for families to eat as they share some precious moments and fun stories with one another.

Hotel Preciosa

Hotel Preciosa is primarily a pension house, which features an assortment of family-friendly services and accommodations. At Preciosa Café, guests can enjoy sumptuous delectable dishes and other local and international delicacies. Simultaneously, a function room is also available where they can celebrate special occasions such as birthdays, baptism receptions, and graduation parties. In addition, the hotel staff is ever ready to provide special catering services for weddings as well as anniversaries. Both the Suite Rooms and Junior Suite Rooms are spacious enough to accommodate the entire family for 900 pesos to 1,000 pesos, complete with basic in-room features like TV sets, bathtubs, and hot water.

Hotel Perlita

Hotel Perlita offers families an affordable, convenient, and relaxing place to stay while in Zamboanga City. Suite Rooms, Deluxe Rooms, and Standard Rooms are ready for occupancy at the basic rates of 820 pesos to 1,040 pesos. The rooms are very spacious, perfect for families with at least four to six members. At the Lobby Café Shop, they can enjoy some hot cups of coffee, while some really nice food and drinks are served on a regular basis at Montemar Restaurant. Function rooms and banquet facilities are outstanding venues for holding large gatherings and other special events.