Family Friendly Hotels in Dumaguete - Philippines

Dumaguete is a nice small city where you can indeed relax and spend some quality time with your family. If you enjoy a good hotel where every family member can find something for their needs, then we might have something for you. We give you the list of the top 5 family friendly hotels in Dumaguete Philippines where you can let your children play without worry and where you can have some fun for yourself and your other family members.

The Guest House by the Sea

The 5th place of the top 5 family friendly hotels in Dumaguete Philippines goes to the Bethel Guest House that is located right at the end of the Rizal Boulevard in downtown Dumaguete. This hotel is not the biggest hotel that you can find in Dumaguete but it definitely has the best ocean view. Your family members can relax in the restaurant that also serves as café during afternoons. The rooms are very light and wide so that there is enough space for every family member and although they have no specific child oriented facilities, your children can play outside along the Rizal Boulevard where you can find exercise programs for adults and children every morning.

The Grand Coconut

This hotel is not literally a big coconut, but it has earned its rights on the 4th place of the top 5 family friendly hotels in Dumaguete Philippines. Coco Grande is without a doubt the most expensive hotel you can visit, yet it has a very secure and cozy environment that is perfect for big families who want to relax and unwind, but the Coco Grande also gives opportunities for those who love adventures. The hotel has a tour service with which you can visit the waterfalls and lakes of Negros Oriental or with which you can join dives. Their rooms are spacious and luxurious and the hotel is located right beside the Silliman University, Hibbard Avenue Dumaguete.

Pure Life in Dumaguete

Pura Vida Sea Explorers is on the 3rd place of the top 5 family friendly hotels in Dumaguete Philippines and deserves this spot because of its variety and nature. Located just twenty minutes away from downtown Dumaguete in a municipality called Dauin, you can find this little hotel by the beach. Pura Vida has large spaces, a pool and a lot of adventures waiting for you. You can either choose to do a family trip to wherever you can possibly imagine in the Province of Negros Oriental or simply relax in their spa. A must-try is the diving site and the dive courses if you are not a certified diver yet.

The El Dorado of Hotels

The 2nd place of the top 5 family friendly hotels in Dumaguete Philippines, goes to El Dorado Hotel and Beach Resort. The El Dorado has been around for decades already and is one of the oldest resorts in Dumaguete. Situated right beside the Pura Vida Resort Hotel, you will find that El Dorado has absolutely everything for a family. The rooms are held small, but the opportunities are grand. You can go diving, relax in their spa, be treated by a quack doctor, get your online fix or sip some drinks at the pool bar. You can also do a horse-back ride because the El Dorado houses its own horse. Get together with your family during evenings at the pool area and watch a movie in their big screen.

Fresh Adventures

Bahura Hotel and Beach Resort is the number one on the top 5 family friendly hotels in Dumaguete Philippines. It has large spaces, even larger hotel rooms and large pools. It is located around 30 minutes away from downtown Dumaguete and this place cannot be missed. It is a huge complex where you can enjoy yourself with their food or just hang out at the pool area. They also have lifesavers and floating devices for the children who want to swim in the pool. The hotel also offers rentals for jet-skis, canoes, kayaks, and wind-surfing. The Bahura Hotel and Resort is simply the best and most family friendliest place to go around Dumaguete.