Family Friendly Hotels in Butuan - Philippines

Hensonly Plaza Inn

For families staying in Butuan City, they can enjoy safe, comforting, and pleasurable accommodations at Hensonly Plaza Inn. They can easily find this Butuan hotel along San Francisco Street, exactly at the corner of Villanueva Street in the province of Agusan del Norte. With somewhere around 38 guestrooms available, families have the luxury of finding nice, cozy, and affordable rooms they need for truly pleasant stays. It has ordinary fan rooms, air-conditioned single-rooms, and air-conditioned double rooms. More than anything else, families can always enjoy comfortable, relaxing, and pleasant experiences inside its air-conditioned triple-rooms. Special packages include three-day and two-night stays for only 2,205 pesos.

Butuan Royal Plaza Hotel

People can easily find Butuan Royal Plaza Hotel along T. Calo Street in Butuan City, which promises guests numerous family-friendly features. To get the best value for their money inside this particular Butuan hotel, families can ask for special deals and promos, including three-day and two-night stays for the highly reasonable price of 2,025 pesos. Inside this place, even children are in for highly pleasant stays because its guestrooms have hot water features, private toilets and bathrooms, as well as fully functional air-condition systems. Available room options include single-rooms, double-rooms, and triple rooms. Additionally, finer amenities are to be found inside deluxe rooms, suite rooms, and executive suites. A restaurant is also present to take care of the dining needs of guests.

Luciana Inn and Restaurant

Another affordable hotel in Butuan City that easily fits the family budget is Luciana Inn and Restaurant, which is located along A. D. Curato Street at the corner of San Jose Street in Butuan City. Perfect for families, its Deluxe Family Rooms are more spacious, inviting, and definitely very comfortable. It also provides extensive services including mailing service, pressing, and laundry. All these and more for a pretty low rate of 1,855 pesos, which already includes three days and two nights stays. Add to that, the in-house restaurant serves delightful food and drinks all throughout the week. Its function rooms are great for holding special family gatherings such as weddings, debuts, and graduation parties.

Embassy Hotel

With all its wonderful features and services, many families will surely love Embassy Hotel, which is found along Montilla Boulevard, exactly at the corner of Pili Drive in Butuan City. For 1,725 pesos, its guests can already avail convenient and comforting accommodations without hurting the family budget. It has a total 25 guestrooms, further classified into three main types, namely Family Rooms, Double-Rooms, and Single-Rooms. The place already has its very own restaurant, which serves refreshing beverages and tasty food offerings to all the hungry guests out there.

Butuan Luxury Hotel

For luxurious accommodations at highly economical rates, people can always stay inside Butuan Luxury Hotel, which is along R. Calo Street at the corner of Villanueva Street in Butuan City. It offers spacious Triple-Rooms for families, with rates for as low as 1,695 pesos. All in all, it has 45 guestrooms including Matrimonial Rooms, Twin-Rooms, and Single-Rooms. Its room service is very good.