Family Activities in Zamboanga - Philippines

Zamboanga is not the average tourist destination in the Philippines, but it is often visited by those who are already sick and tired with sight-seeing and just want to enjoy themselves with the culture of the little Spain of the Philippines. This is indeed a place for the whole family where you can have fun in the sun and still teach your kids a lesson or two. Get around and be able to do the best things with the guide of the top 5 family activities in Zamboanga Philippines.

Educational Sightseeing

This is one of the top 5 family activities in Zamboanga Philippines not because it is not interesting, but rather because your children will not have a great patience with monuments and buildings that are educating. Visit the Fort Pillar which used to be a garrison during the Spanish occupation in the Philippines. This place now serves as a shrine to the saint matron of the city. Here you will find the most important highlights of Philippine history and highlights of how the islands were occupied. Prepare for your children to yawn and for your spouse or in-laws to listen intently.

Spanish Shopping

Everybody loves to shop, so shopping had to be on the top 5 family activities in Zamboanga Philippines. This city has something for every family member. For your parents you have so called sari sari stores that are stores with mixed goods and souvenirs. Try to ask for lokot-lokot which is a souvenir roll of look-a-like hair in a bunch. The children would love the toys and clothes that can be found in these sari sari stores and you can get yourself or your spouse a precious pearl set from the genuine pearls harvested just around the corner from the province.

Family Feast

Eating is a very unoriginal family activity that landed on the top 5 family activities in Zamboanga - Philippines, but if you are in the Philippines, you will notice that food is not just something necessary but rather a highly valuable product. Filipino people die for food and everything is connected to food. Food is almost a status symbol and at the same time their greatest hobby so no vacation is complete without a family feast. Dine in the best restaurants and try all the local specialties such as Adobo, Cusido, Saba or Satti. You will find out how these dishes taste once you ordered them and be positively surprised. We promise that there are no strange ingredients such as grasshoppers or cockroaches in the Philippine cuisine.

Almost Untouched Island

The one of the activity in the top 5 family activities in Zamboanga Philippines is a day trip to the Sta. Cruz Island located just a five to ten minute ride with a boat from the main city. This island is pure paradise and finally you get to experience how the perfect vacation on the beach feels like. Let your children venture out on the pristine white sand beaches or let them hop into their swimming trunks. You can go scuba diving and discover the underwater world of Zamboanga.

Pasonanca Park

It is finally time in the countdown to present the best spot to go with your family in the top 5 family activities in Zamboanga Philippines and it is called the Pasonanca Park. This park is full of activities for all ages. The nature lover can take a promenade around the park and marvel at the flowers, trees, ferns and the orchids. The children can discover the hidden tree house or take a dip into the Wee-wee swimming pool built just for kids. The older family members can also take a refreshing dip into the Rotary Pool which is a pool filled with fresh mountain water. This park is truly for the entire family.