Family Activities in Tagbilaran - Philippines

Tagbilaran City is the ideal destination for families because it has everything a good family vacation needs. Be part of the diversity that is Bohol and reside in the capital city where you will find plenty of things to do with your spouse and your children. Discover the top 5 family activities in Tagbilaran Philippines today.

Interacting with Nature and Wildlife

Tagbilaran is home to many different wildlife species and flora and fauna. One of the best ways to spend your time with your family is to visit the Philippine Tarsier Foundation that established a nature park that is home to the endangered species of the Philippine Tarsier. The great thing about this family activity on the top 5 family activities in Tagbilaran Philippines is that you can teach your children about wildlife conservation and nature while they can touch or even hold a real life Tarsier. Your children and your spouse will definitely enjoy this memorable trip and you might even be able to adopt one of these adorable creatures.

Panorama View on the Chocolate Coated Hills

The Chocolate Hills can easily be reached in the little district of Carmen which is not that far away from the downtown area. The Chocolate Hills are exactly what they sound like; hills of chocolate. The chocolate is not real however, because it is just the color the grass will have during the dry season but that doesnt mean that you should take the illusion of real chocolate away from your children. After all you can only view them and not really touch them. These hills are not only in the list of top 5 family activities in Tagbilaran Philippines but they are already world renowned.

Beaching, Playing and Everything Under the Scorching Sun

The third activity on the top 5 family activities in Tagbilaran Philippines is what we like to call beaching. Beaching simply means going to the beach to enjoy various activities. Beaches around the capital city are plenty and white of course. Visit the famous Alona beach or Cabilao beach where you can also send your kids off to fun banana boat rides or water ski rides provided they are old enough. You can also snorkel around or just be lazy lying around to tan.

Under the Sea is What is Happening

The dive sites around Tagbilaran and the Bohol Island are plenty and thus many surprises wait for you around each boulder, wall or reef. Famous dive spots include Panglao Island or Cabilao Island, but do dare to make a day trip with your family to the infamous Balicasag dive spot where you can find slightly bigger marine life than normal. Diving is in the fourth spot of the top 5 family activities in Tagbilaran Philippines not because it is not that nice, but rather because children below 10 years of age are not allowed to dive yet and they have to make ado with snorkeling or skin diving instead while mommy and daddy descend into the depths.

Eat All You Can, Really

Tagbilaran is full of places and part of the top 5 family activities in Tagbilaran Philippines had to be eating. We know it doesnt sound like much and it is rather a necessity for some, but believe it when we tell you that Filipinos love food and worship it. Food is the solution to everything and food can as a result be found everywhere in any shape, form or size. Try the best grilled food in the city at the Sinugba ni Abdul which serves delicious grilled chicken and kinilaw, which is a vegetable mix with raw fish.