Family Activities in Tacloban - Philippines

From viewing historical artifacts to watching the local fiestas, Tacloban City has several features and activities that will delight the family, from the young to the old. The top 5 family activities in Tacloban give you a hint of what to expect during a trip to the city.

Watch the Pintados Festival

The Pintados Festival takes place on the 29th of June, and goes on until the end of July, and marked by celebrations and parades.

The purpose of the fiesta is to commemorate and celebrate the ways of the Pintados (painted ones), warriors that lived during the olden days of the city. The participants are painted in various colors to simulate the tattoos of the original warriors. Other features of the fiesta are the reenactment of folk tales and mythologies on the streets.

Visit Hill 120

Hill 120, or Catmon Hill as it is officially known, is where the locals go to for family outings and also picnics, thanks to its pristine settings.

Hill 120 has several beautiful parks and greens where you can hold gatherings. There are also a number of historical markers here too, including the spot where the US Army raised the American flag. The hill is also near the Valley of Leyte where several WWII battles were fought.

See the Sto. Nino Shrine and Heritage Museum

The Sto. Nino Shrine and Heritage Museum is part and parcel of virtually tourist package tour of Tacloban, and deservedly so as it houses numerous important relics.

The Sto. Nino Shrine and Heritage Museum contains artwork by Fernando Amorsolo, one of the greatest Filipino artists of all time. Visitors can also learn about Filipino myths through the works displayed here and there are also plenty of religious images and items showcased.

Go to the Peoples Center and Library

The Peoples Center and Library in Leyte is a gold mine of information on the history of Leyte, and a valuable resource for history buffs.

The Peoples Center and Library holds several important documents and historical data concerning the pertinent events in Leyte history, including that of Samar which was part of the land for several decades. Vital data concerning the various tribes in the Philippines are also available.

Witness the Sangyaw Festival

A brainchild of former First Lady Imelda Marcos, the Sangyaw Festival is another showcase event featuring the peoples love for celebrations and festivities.

This colorful fiesta was inaugurated in 1974 and became immediately popular among local residents and tourists who enjoyed the colorful spectacles. After being discontinued for several years, it was revived and now once again a major tourist attraction.

A tour of the many landmarks around Tacloban City is one of the best ways you can spend more quality time with your loved ones. You not only get to learn new things but as you visit the many wonderful sites you also get to bond with your family.