Family Activities in Surigao - Philippines

Surigao is an island paradise where the wonders of nature and the marvels of man co exist. If you are looking for something new to visit in the Philippines, this enchanting province in northern Mindanao is a great place to start.

Island Hopping

There are several islands around Surigao, and not only are they breathtaking, but a lot of them are unexplored, so you can see them in their natural state.

Among the many islands and islets your family may want to examine include Hikdop Island, where the Buenavista Cave is located; there is also Hanigad and Nonoc, linked together by a bridge. Both of these islands are filled with wonderful trees and smooth sands, and not far off from Sibalde Island, a great site for snorkeling.

Go to Sagisi Island

Staying at Sagisi Island will give you the chance to experience island life with the soft white sand and cool ocean breeze.

In addition you can hire a guide who will take you on a tour of the islands many attractions, from the best swimming spots to the picturesque coconut trees. You can also have a boat ride and admire the scenery.

Boat Tour at Day-asan

Another exciting activity the family can do in Surigao is to go on a boat ride in Day-asan, a village surrounded by water channels like the famed European city of Venice.

Besides the beauty of the sparkling waters, other sights abound in the village. These include mangrove trees, aquariums, and several islets in the vicinity. You may also try fishing in certain spots.

Day Tour of the City

There are several historical landmarks and interesting spots you can see in Surigao which you can enjoy via a day tour.

Some of the major tourist attractions here include the City Hall where the Philippine flag was first raised in Mindanao; another is the Surigaonon Heritage Center where several artifacts are stored; then you can relax at the Surigao Del Norte Provincial Capitol Park and Aviary, and many more.

Visit the Santo Niño de Bad-asay

Located at Barangay Serna, the Santo Nino de Bad-asay has become a focal point for pilgrims from various points in the Philippines, as it has become the spot where they offer prayers of thanks or for making petitions and requests to the Christ Child.

It is not just a place for observing the followers of the Christian faith but also where you can watch a very important aspect of Filipino culture. It is also an area where you can meet and speak with other tourists and local residents.

The natural splendor and majesty of Surigao is matched by the variety of man made attractions and spectacles, so you will always have something to view and do in the province. At Surigao, fun and adventure are always close at hand.