Family Activities in Samar - Philippines

The tourism industry in the Philippines is continuously growing. There are many provinces and islands in the Philippines that have been getting discovered by many tourists. Samar is one of these islands and the beauty if the sights and landmarks there are all wonderful too.

Samar Archaeological Museum and Research Center

Samar is a place full of traditions and these can all be viewed and learned in this museum. This museum was built in the seventies. It now has several relics from different years. There are some old jars from pre-Spanish times. Other things the museum has are paintings from famous artists from Samar. There are some statues and sculptures to see as well.

Spelunking the Caves in Samar

Sohotan Cave is one of the caves that you can visit and have a spelunking adventure with your friends or family. This is just fifteen minutes away from Borongan. This is a popular site in the eastern Samar portion. There are many caves all over Samar but this one is noted by many previous tourists because of the various formations of rocks inside and the nice landscape. This is a good place for a trekking adventure as well. It is also a known place where you can rock climb or collect different rocks. In the past it was known as the place where some tribes used to hide.

Kayaking and Water Rafting

Calbiga River is a good river where tourists can kayak and have a water rafting adventure. This is now one of the top ten attractions in the province of Samar. The river is ten miles long. The river also has a good view of valleys and hills while tourists are cruising along the river so its not a boring ride after all. There are jungles to see too. There are more than fifty rapids in the river and one hundred drops. The depth of the river is up to sixteen feet. It is advisable that all the people who will do this should bring a guide with them.

Homonhon Island

This island is a small island where Magellan first landed in the Philippines. This has since then become a historical landmark. There are markers where you can see exactly the right place where Ferdinand Magellan first planted his feet on the ground. Many tourists also come here to enjoy a picnic and some go for a swim. Visiting Homonhon Island is an educational tour.

Seeing the Marine Park

Marabut is a good place to visit in the southern part of Samar. This park is located at the strait of San Bernardino. The place has a good collection of reefs, some corals and different aquatic animals you can find all over the island. Many people also come here and realize the value of saving the environment. They also have a restaurant where you can eat good seafood.

Samar is an ideal place to visit in the Philippines because you can discover the history of the Philippines and its tropical beauty as well. Tourists will surely like to come back again because the people are also hospitable and warm.