Family Activities in Puerto Galera - Philippines

Puerto Galera is a small town located on the northeast part of Mindoro Island. Literally, Puerto Galera means port for galleons. The place is a quite area and popular being one of the favorite summer destinations in the entire Philippines. Many people all over the world flock to place to explore the beautiful beaches and lots of fun water activities. Some take pleasure in visiting nearby dive spots, waterfalls, and forests.

Expect a pleasurable trip in Puerto Galera as you enjoy the topmost destination places located in the area. Get rid of the usual vacation activities and consider the Top 5 Family Activities in Puerto Galera - Philippines

Tamaraw Falls Sightseeing

The sight of Tamaraw Falls is one of the most fascinating views in Puerto Galera. Unlike other waterfalls, there is naturally formed pool that is seen at the bottom of the cascading waters. Tamaraw Falls is located in San Teodoro, Puerto Galera. It is consists of series of small waterfalls and they all gather at the bottom. The place is truly one of the most uplifting areas that you can bathe in. Visiting the Tamaraw Falls will surely provide you a revitalizing experience.

Beach Hopping

Complete your puzzling trip to Puerto Galera by visiting the different alluring beaches in the place. Spend each day with excitement along the beautiful coastlines and cool waters of different beaches. White beach is one of the favorite destination places in Puerto Galera. It is located on the western part of Puerto Galera. Aside from its exceptional beauty, White beach is frequently visited by the many because it is easily accessible. Several diving sites are also found near the beach wherein diving aficionados could enjoy lots of aquatic activities.

Jungle Trekking

Going to the beautiful place of Puerto Galera is truly a fantastic experience. Sightseeing spots in the place are numerous and one of the most desirable activities nowadays is jungle trekking. Several jungle trails and mountain treks were created to provide everyone a thrilling and breathtaking experience. The Bondong Jungle is one of the well-known trekking sites in Puerto Galera with numerous streams, exotic plants, and rivers that surround the area. One will surely be amazed seeing the wild buffalo or tamaraw wandering in the wild.


While Puerto Galera is worth visiting, the diving spots in the city are also alluring. The pristine waters of several beaches are very outstanding with their cozy settings. If you wanted to enjoy underwater activities like snorkeling and the likes, complete your gear and head down to the cool waters. The splendid view underwater is really awesome and impressive. You could enjoy the view of coral reefs and different schools of fish.

Dolphin Watching

One of the best things to do in Puerto Galera is dolphin watching. These magnificent creatures can be spotted in the scattered islets of Puerto Galera. You could take a ferry boat ride to catch a glimpse of beautiful dolphins.