Family Activities in Ormoc - Philippines

Ormoc City is admittedly not gifted with several attractions yet there are still worthy places to go to. On the other hand, Ormoc City is a high class city in Leyte that is continuously improving. Furthermore, the entire community is working hard to preserve several natural attractions while establishing man made hotspots to drive tourists and a lot of people to visit the place.

The heartwarming and welcoming people of Ormoc City truly appreciate the heritage of their place. Thus, there are lots of people who still prefer Ormoc City other than other commercialized cities.

If you wanted to go for a trip for the whole clan, consider the top 5 family activities in Ormoc, Philippines.

Nature Trail Trekking

There are several rainforests situated in Ormoc City that is worth visiting. The family will surely enjoy the rainforests tour and few interesting sights. Several trails were created to enjoy trekking adventures through several rainforests and waterfalls.

Although Ormoc City is not bounded with numerous tourist attractions, the entire family could still take pleasure in trying different outdoor activities.

Floating Restaurant Food Trip

Let the whole family experience a different ambiance of a restaurant. Unlike ordinary restaurants, Ormoc City has several floating restaurants that kids and people of all ages will surely enjoy. Eat delicious local cuisines and exquisite international delicacies while the family takes pleasure in floating restaurant ride. Get to see different exotic plants and animals while you savor every bit of your food. Get rid of the usual table and four corners of the restaurant if you could enjoy the cozy setting and tropical waters of Ormoc City.

Lake Adventures

If you wanted to treat your family in Ormoc City, lake adventures is absolutely a thrilling activity for the whole family. Lake Danao is frequently visited by tourists and local visitors who wanted to experience the welcoming and relaxing atmosphere of the place. The family could enjoy boat rides and reach any part of the lake that truly offers a splendid view to everyone.

Pineapple Food Trip

Treat the family along the Pineapple Plantation seated at the heart of Ormoc City. These pineapples are truly mouth-watering and delicious. These fresh fruits are the favorites of local visitors and tourists who get to visit Ormoc City. Pineapples are truly savory and refreshing. Dont be contented with the commercial foods you consume everyday if you could live a healthy diet while eating refreshing pineapples.

Visit to the Geothermal Plan

Complete the family trip to Ormoc City by visiting the geothermal plant. Although you cant directly enter the gates of the geothermal plant, still you could enjoy the sight of the massive structure. Let your trip to the geothermal plant be educational to your kids while you provide facts on how geothermal energy supplies electricity to the community.