Family Activities in Legazpi - Philippines

Legazpi City is not just renowned for being a tourist hotspot, but also for the number of activities that everyone can participate in. Here are the top 5 family activities in Legazpi City.

Camping at the Mayon Volcano National Park

A trip to Legazpi City will most likely include an excursion to the famous Mayon Volcano, and one of the ideal places to undertake this journey is the park bearing its name.

The park covers about 21 sq miles (over 55 sq km), and has been developed so that the volcano is at the center. Aside from the volcano of course, the park is also perfect for camping as there are lots of lush vegetation and trees around. There is also a platform for gazing at Mayon Volcano.

Picture Taking at the Albay Park & Wildlife

A trip to a wildlife reserve is always a good place to spend time with the family, and one such sightseeing spot in Legazpi is the Albay Park and Wildlife.

The Albay Park and Wildlife is teeming with various animals, from monkeys to birds and an assortment of flowers, plants and trees. Here you get up close and personal with animals you may have only seen on TV, and even better, you can have pictures taken here, so you can bring home those happy moments.

Visit the Legazpi City Museum

The history of Legazpi makes for fascinating reading, but even better is a trip to the City Museum, as you and the family will be able to see the artifacts up close.

During its early years the city was ruled by a succession of powerful clans and families, and some of their most precious holdings are displayed here. There are also several paintings from different periods.

Swimming at Sogod Beach

After trekking and hiking, theres nothing like swimming to freshen up, and there are few places better than Sogod Beach to do this.

Probably the most famous beach in the region, Sogod is known for its smooth black sand, and also the coconut trees around the area. You can expect to have hours of fun swimming and building sandcastles here.

Go to Lignon Hill

Lignon Hill is a popular destination for tourists and for several reasons. When you visit Legazpi taking the family here would be a good idea too.

If you just want to enjoy a leisurely stroll, Lignon Hill is as good a place as any, with the picturesque settings. Also you can head up the hill and enjoy gorgeous vistas, among them of the famous Mayon Volcano, the Gulf of Albay, and the entire city. You can even see the landscape where the lava once gushed through.

These activities are among the many things that you can do when visiting this beautiful city. With the chance to learn some local history, meet exotic animals and more, a trip to Legazpi City will be something the family will certainly look forward to.