Family Activities in Laoag - Philippines

Laoag is known to be one of the rising industrialized cities in Ilocos Norte. Being a high city, the place became the center of industrial, economic and political activities in the whole province of Ilocos. Because of its competitive standing, Laoag City was renowned as the capital city of Ilocos Norte.

There are mushroom of attractive spots located at Laoag City that will make every family gatherings and reunions enjoyable and pleasurable to all. If you spot Laoag as your next vacation destination, consider the top 5 family activities in Laoag, Philippines.

Church Visit

Its always better to start every trip with a church visit especially if it involves the whole family. This will guide everyone along the entire trip. Parents and guardians could advice the family members to thank Him for gathering the family as one and to ask for a safe trip.

St. Williams Cathedral is a good place for an initial church visit. The cathedral is believed to be constructed at the behest of former Augustinian friars in 1612. The architectural design of the place bears a classic resemblance of Renaissance works. One of the most prominent spot is the Sinking Bell Tower. The tower lowers to the ground at approximately 1 inch every year.

Bangui Wind Farm Trip

Bangui is a town in Laoag City that is frequently visited by tourist and local visitors because of the 15 wind turbines that surrounds the place. The turbines have over 230 ft in height. Bangui Wind Farm is the best place for the whole family to conduct picture taking near these massive turbines.

From Bangui, the family could also have the view of the world famous Pagudpud beaches.

Beach Bumming

Going to the beach is truly on of the best treats that you could give your family. Not just an ordinary beach, Pagudpud beach is outstandingly incomparable because of its pristine-white sand and scenic views. The best activity that the family could enjoy is beach bumming and picnics. Beach adventures are also pleasurable which include boating, swimming, snorkeling, and other water sports.

Trip to Bacarra Bell Tower

Experience the memorable and breathtaking view of Bacarra Bell Tower. The structure is very famous not just in Laoag but also to the entire Ilocos Norte province. Baccara Bell tower is renowned as the bowing acrobat tower of Southeast Asia.

The stronghold of the tower withstands natural calamities of the 15th century up to the present. During early 1900s, the tower was extensively damaged. Despite what happened, the bell is still hanging on the Bacarra tower, truly a sight to behold.

Street Parties

Laoag holds different festivals that are preserved for several years already. These festivals showcase the colorful traditions that are absolutely worth seeing. Let your family watch out the different town celebrations, parades, food festivals and street parties. Some of the festivals celebrated in Laoag are Pamulinawen festival, Dulang food festival, and Pinakbet festival.