Family Activities in Dumaguete - Philippines

Dumaguete is a place that is perfect for families big and small. You can bond with your family while having a great adventure in Dumaguete. We have picked out the top 5 family activities in Dumaguete Philippines that you and your family definitely should try when you are around.

Trekking into Heavens

Trekking is not always the favorite choice of family activities. Nevertheless the goal or the prize of trekking is never the exercise you get, but always the view you will have by the end of the climb. The best places to trek with your family is at the Stairway to Heaven which is 500 steps high or you may want to visit the Japanese Shrine which can partly be accessed by good and strong motorcycles. Both of these trekking places are only ten to fifteen minutes away from downtown Dumaguete.

Family Golfing

If you are more of a casual sporty family, then the one of the top 5 family activities in Dumaguete Philippines might be something for you. We are talking about golf. Dumaguete has a total of two golf courses. One is located in the Barangay Bantayan which is only five minutes away from the Dumaguete Airport, and the second golf course is located fifteen minutes uphill from the airport in the Barangay San Antonio. These golf course offer golf lessons and you can even bring your children to enjoy some junior golfing. By the end of the golf experience you can relax and dine at the club house or even take a dip in the newly constructed pool in the San Antonio Golf Club.

Sit Still and Enjoy the Company

Taking a spot of the top 5 family activities in Dumaguete Philippines goes to a place where you can go to just sit and talk. This place can be the Rizal Boulevard where you can enjoy the waterfront and the sunsets with your family, while enjoying some snacks from the local vendors or listen to street musicians. Another place to just sit still and enjoy the company of your family is the Quezon Park which is located right in the heart of Dumaguete City. You can watch dance groups practice or join the weekly Latin American dances and take dance lessons from a dance instructor. The last place to sit and relax is the Freedom Park with is the home of many events and where you can jog around with your family members or catch some water drops at the bug fountain.

Shopping, Shopping and Shopping

Dumaguete is small, but has some great little places where you can shop until you drop and that is why it takes a spot on the top 5 family activities in Dumaguete Philippines. The downtown area of Dumaguete City has one big mall which is called Lee Super Plaza, but aside from this mall you will find small stores that sport hand-made goods. Handumanan is such a shop where you can buy souvenirs for the whole family from jewelry to house wares all made of wood or local fabrics and materials. The children can go to electronic stores or toy stores located within the mall or they can enjoy a delicious ice cream cone at Tangy Swirl located in the Portal West Building.

White Sand Beaches and Marine Life

The best option for your family is a day trip to the famous White Sand Bar which earned a place in the top 5 family activities in Dumaguete Philippines. The White Sand Bar is an hour drive away from downtown Dumaguete and half an hour boat ride away from the shore. You will find pavilions on white sand bars in the middle of the sea where you can relax, celebrate and swim around. Soak up the sun while snorkeling, but make sure you arrive at low tide because that is the time when you can step on the sand bar. You will also be able to witness with your family a group of dolphins passing by and if you are really lucky, you will be able to see whales as well.