Family Activities in Davao - Philippines

It is not unusual to see families touring Davao together. From luxury hotels to budget accommodations, shopping centers to nature trails, and popular fastfood chains to specialty restaurants, Davao has plenty of sights and exciting pursuits for tiny tots, big sisters, older brothers, and Mom and Dad.

While there are many things to do in Davao, watching feathered friends, enjoying life by the seaside, shopping, going on a culinary adventure and watching festivals are fool-proof, fun-filled activities perfect for the entire family.

Read on for the top 5 family activities in Davao Philippines and know why Davao is the best place to bond with your family.

Watching Birds Aflutter

Bird watching earns a spot in this list of top 5 family activities in Davao Philippines because it is an exciting activity for everybody. Young children and adults will enjoy a leisurely walk through Birdwalk in Eden Nature Park in Toril as they are serenaded with natural birdsongs. The Amazing Bird Show at Malagos Garden Resort features trick-performing eagles, parrots, crows, ducks and ostriches that will surely entertain every member of the family.

Since Davao is home to the famous Philippine Eagle, the Philippine Eagle Center in Malagos is the best place to watch them soar. The Center also houses other kinds of raptors and provides a very educational and entertaining atmosphere for tourists of all ages.

Staying by the Beach

Davaos beautiful beaches are perfect for getting the famous Davao tan. Book a beachfront resort and spend quality time with your family along the seaside. Little kids will enjoy making sand castles, as adults will enjoy quiet sunbathing. Snorkeling in the Davao Gulf is a feast for the eyes because of different species of fish and corals that compose Davaos marine life. Relaxing by the beach is one of the top 5 family activities in Davao Philippines.

Shopping for Good Finds

In Davao, shopping for the entire family is as easy as 1-2-3, making it the third among the top 5 family activities in Davao Philippines. Malls, corner shops and specialty stores are sprinkled throughout the city. Native items from Davao are cheap yet made with the highest quality. The Aldevinco Shopping Center along C.M Recto Avenue is a must-visit for the family looking for bargains. From clothes to jewelry, Aldevinco has every item for every family member. Nonstop shopping in Davao is possible without burning a hole in your pocket.

Eating Out

Many families enjoy seafood meals at any of Davaos local restaurants. There are many barbecue stores about, as well. When it comes to fruits, many tourists come to Davao to taste the famous durian and mangosteen, which can be very expensive in other parts of the country. There are local treats for little kids, too! Durian and mangosteen candies are widely available. Aside from restaurants specializing in Davao cuisine, there are others that offer Asian and European dishes. Fastfoods are also around, just in case children or adults crave for the usual hamburger or fries. Dining in Davao is the fourth of the top 5 family activities in Davao Philippines.

Watching a Festival

Watching festivals in Davao is a good way to understand the culture of Mindanao, that is why it wraps up the top 5 family activities in Davao Philippines. Davao celebrations are also excellent photo opportunities for the whole family. Children will definitely enjoy the sights and sounds during colorful band parades, dance exhibitions and trade fairs that are common during festival seasons.