Family Activities in Cebu - Philippines

Cebu is a tourist attraction in the Southeast Asian country of the Philippines. The island enjoys one of the Philippines most popular tourist destinations. The highest temperature in Cebu can reach up to thirty two degrees in Celcius. The place is so humid that most visitors cannot afford not to go to the nearby beaches for cooling off. If you dont like humid weathe then you may want to go trekking in Cebus hills as well. You can also go diving or swimming in Cebus beaches which are mostly world class. However you may want to visit Cebu in other months like December. This month is cooler than the other dry months which happen from April to May. Cebu is a friendly place with great weather all year round perfect for different family activities like the following:

Touring the City of Cebu

Cebu in the thirteenth century was already a trading capital in the southern part of the Philippines. This is the first place where Magellan landed and made his first Filipino friends. This place is rich with many relics both from Hispanic rule and relics before the Spanish conquerors came. In the Cebu City tour which most travel agencies offer you can actually visit the places where the Spanish conquerors first came which played an important role in shaping the history of the city. This includes visiting the cross of Magellan, San Pedros Fort, Santo Niño Basilica, Taoist temple and Casa Gorordo Museum. These will give your family a cultural experience thus become more educational especially for the children. The ladies in the family will also enjoy shopping because the city now has many malls. Cebu also has excellent handicrafts which are sold cheaper there than in Manila.

Cebu is now leading the way in economic growth in the country. It has been considered as the center or the gateway in the southern part of the Philippines. Taking a tour with your family in the city can last for four hours.

Enjoying a ride with a boat that has a glass bottom

It has become a common activity for many Cebuanos and tourists to take a boat ride on a boat with bottom made of glass. Your family can ride all in one boat and you can see the marine life underneath without even diving or snorkeling at all. The beaches of Cebu has a lot of different kinds of fish and different formations of corals. The children would certainly be fascinated watching the fishes in their natural habitat while enjoying a great boat ride. This kind of tour is offered by many travel companies and lasts for four hours. This kind of tour usually takes the guests around the Mactan area with lots of corals. This is in the area from Tambuli up to Maribago resort.

Enjoying a Cruise with your Family.

Today many travel companies offer different cruises around Cebu. Guests will surely love to experience the sunset of Cebu while in a cruise. This is a perfect trip for a couple on their honeymoon. Cruisers also see the entire island on a different perspective. The most popular cruise is during the full moon which happens once a month. This cruise lasts for four hours and the cruise runs through the channel of Mactan and Hilutungan.

Try fishing on the seas of Cebu with your children

Guests who like to do this activity will head to the seas on a boat operated with a pump. The whole activity will last for half of the day. Fishing for bigger fish is plausible in the western side of Cebu between Bohol. However bottom way for fishing and trolling will be the best way to catch the bigger fish especially in the island of Mocaboc. There are several tuna fish in Mocaboc.

Try Adventurous beach activities in Cebu

Tourists get to fly above the wide island through parasailing which is offered in many beach resorts. Guests will enjoy a scenic view above. Jet skiing is another water activity you can do in Cebu. This would surely satisfy the need for speed.