Family Activities in Boracay - Philippines

Boracay is indeed one of the Philippines top holiday destinations. Its white sand beaches teeming with different activities that each member of the family would surely enjoy are surefire hits. If you are planning to take a trip to Boracay, be sure not to miss doing any of the activities on our top five list. It would be a sin not to try them out because you would not feel the Boracay fever if you do not experience them all.


Swimming Theres water and a sunshiny sun put against a wonderful backdrop of a scenic ambience, what more can you ask for? Swimming is the top bonding activity you could have with the rest of the family when you are in Boracay. You can swim on the deep, salty waters of the beach or you can swim on the cool waters of the pool. Whichever way you choose, what is important is that you are enjoying what you are doing and that you are doing it with your family.


Shopping Boracay is equipped with many shopping hubs all out to take any tall order from its wide range of visitors. Which ever way you turn, you will find vendors selling anything and everything under the sun. If you do not feel satisfied with the items the local merchants have on offer, you may visit D Mall D Boracay, a popular shopping center in the area. There is a wide range of products available in Boracay from everyday thingies to exceptionally-made handicrafts. You can also partake of the freshest catch of the locals by visiting the local market.


Diving Boracay has many diving spots spread around the whole island. Each diving spot offers a different view of how alive and active the underwater scene is. To make the most of your family bonding moment in the island paradise, you can bring along your kids and travel with them underwater to see the most amazing scenes together. When you are diving, make sure that you are supervised by local experts. Local divers know, more or less, what to expect down below so they could easily guide you through. They could lead you to the most exquisite view of Boracays underwater treasures while leading you, especially the young kids, away from dangers.

Bar/Island Hopping

Bar Hopping/Island Hopping Boracays nightlife is bright and lively. If you and your kids have that heart for partying hard, this is the activity that should top your list. Jump from one bar to another and enjoy the diverse kind of entertainment on offer. If you think your kids are not old enough for parties, you can switch bar hopping into island hopping. Go boating and visit each and every island within boating distance from where you are staying. When doing this activity, make sure that you seek the help of the locals. Island hopping is definitely a fun, fun activity that everyone from any age group would surely love!

Eating at Boracay

Eating Boracay has many restaurants that offer different fusions at every stop. You will love dining out with you family in this scenic vacation spot especially since you have the backdrop of the sun, the sea, and the sand. Some restaurants offer local fares while others are into the usual recipes that we get from the restaurants in the Metropolis. To get the best of your Boracay experience, it is advisable that you try out some of the local dishes on offer, especially those that have seafood as an ingredient. Boracay is blessed with fresh catch every single day. You would never get disappointed with their seafood dishes.