Family Activities in Bohol - Philippines

It is common to see families touring Bohol together. From glistening dolphins to cute tarsiers, from snorkeling in white-sand beaches to visiting breathtaking waterfalls, Bohol has plenty of natural wonders and exciting pursuits for little kids, big brothers, older sisters and Mom and Dad.

While there are many tourist activities in Bohol, seeing the Chocolate Hills, visiting tarsiers, watching dolphins, enjoying life by the seaside, and going to waterfalls are fool-proof, fun-filled adventures perfect for the entire family.

Read on for the top 5 family activities in Bohol Philippines and know why Bohol is the best place for a family vacation.

Visiting the Chocolate Hills

The Chocolate Hills is one of the most famous natural wonders in the country that is why visiting it is the first among the top 5 family activities in Bohol Philippines. You can book a trip to these breathtaking hills as part of a day tour or as a separate itinerary. Children will enjoy the colors and shapes of the Chocolate Hills, and adults will enjoy taking photographs of this natural attraction.

Meeting the Philippine Tarsier

One of the top 5 family activities in Bohol Philippines is meeting the Philippine Tarsier. Visiting the Philippine Tarsier Foundation is both entertaining and educational. See one of the worlds smallest known primates in its natural habitat. The tarsier is being protected because its population has been decreasing over the years due to harmful human activities. Encourage your family members to take action. Know how you can help save the Philippine Tarsier by paying a visit to this endearing creature.

Watching Playful Dolphins

Join a dolphin-watching tour and watch your kids get very excited at the sight of the glistening dolphins. Watching dolphins is among the top 5 family activities in Bohol Philippines. Keep your camera ready because you will never know when the playful dolphins will appear. Joining a dolphin-watching tour will also teach you a thing or two about wildlife conservation in the area.

Living by the Beach

Bohols beautiful beaches are perfect for sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling and diving. Book an accommodation at one of the many basic and upscale resorts and make great memories with your family along the seaside. Tiny tots will enjoy playing in the sand, as adults will enjoy wading in the clear waters. Snorkeling in Bohol exposes tourists to a lively underwater environment. Panglao Island is a great spot for sun and sand. Here you will find the following beaches: Alona, Dumaluan, Bikini, Momo and Doljo. Chilling by the beach is one of the top 5 family activities in Bohol Philippines.

Exploring Waterfalls

Bohol is home to many wonderful waterfalls, some of which can be very difficult to visit. Ask the locals about safe waterfalls where you could bring the entire family. Enjoy a swim in a natural pool by a waterfall instead of a man-made pool in a resort. Swimming right beside a waterfall is a thrilling adventure for everyone that is why exploring waterfalls completes the top 5 family activities in Bohol Philippines.