Family Activities in Bicol - Philippines

Bicol is a region with a mixture of activities that you and your family can embark on. Most of these experiences are in form of nature and rare sights and we promise that you some of them will be unforgettable. Experience Bicol the family way with the help of the top 5 family activities in Bicol Philippines guide.

Interaction with Whale Sharks

Interacting with Whale Sharks is the absolute best thing you can do in this region. The best season for doing so is between March and May. You have to register at the center in the district and you will be assigned an interaction officer whose task is to ensure the rules and regulations are being followed because Whale Sharks are an endangered species. You can dive or snorkel with them and this will be an even you and the rest of your family will never ever forget.

Philippines Most Active Volcano

This perfect cone is a member of the Pacific Ring of Fire and this volcano is the most active in the Philippines today. We are talking about no other than the Mount Mayon Volcano located in Albay, Bicol and it is the second family experience on the top 5 family activities in Bicol Philippines. Aside from being stunned by the view of this volcano, you can also go on a trek but since this volcano remains active you and your family should be cautious and you should consult the locals first for any eruption alerts.

An Almost Romantic Gondola Ride

One of the top 5 family activities in Bicol Philippines is a boat or gondola ride through mangroves housing fireflies. It would be the most romantic thing to do if the rest of the family was not present. Nevertheless firefly watching will be a relaxing way to end the day of adventures, volcanoes and whale sharks. The fireflies are located in between the mangrove trees in Donsol, the same place where you can swim with the whale sharks.

Experiencing Bicol Cuisine

Another spot in the top 5 family activities in Bicol Philippines has all the local cuisines in it. Bicol cuisine is special and will take you and your family on a palate joyride with delicacies such as the famous Bicol Express, Pinangat, and the Kinunot. All these treats are cooked with chili and coconut milk which are the local key ingredients for almost every thinkable meal. Indulge in a feast of a tropical kind with your entire family.

Scuba Adventuring

Scuba diving is another popular activity which is why it is in the top 5 family activities in Bicol Philippines. Take your children on a scuba tour, provided they are ten years and above and discover the Manta Bowl where you can dive not only with the whale sharks but also with the manta rays. There are also coral reefs and critters to be found during your scuba dive. Bring your underwater camera because the pictures of the creatures will be worth a lifetime.