Family Activities in Baguio - Philippines

Baguio has been dubbed the summer capital of the Philippines because of the cool weather that is brought about by its high altitude location and its mountainous environment. Doing activities in Baguio is very much different than in Manila because you will hardly break out a sweat especially during the moths preceding and succeeding the Christmas season. For those planning to visit Baguio City in the Philippines, here are the top five family activities that everyone can enjoy.

Boat Rowing in Burnham Park

Burnham Park is located in the heart of the City of Baguio and everyone can go there free of charge to soak in the patches of green and cool breeze. Burnham Park is home to a manmade lake where there are a number of rowboats available for hire. Some are just your normal rowboats, but others which take on the shape of animals are sure to be enjoyed by the kids. Hire a couple and keep stress at bay with this relaxing activity.

Horseback-Riding in Wright Park

Wright Park is famous for its lane of pine trees with a pool in the middle that leads to The Mansion, but is also known for its ponies and horses that can be rented for a leisurely stroll along the park grounds. You can opt to hire a guide as well if you or your children are inexperienced in mounting horses, but the animals are gentle and docile enough and can usually be handled without a guide. The rental fees change vary, and its important to remember to agree to a price first before agreeing to mount the horses.

Shop, Stroll and Dine at Camp John Hay

Camp John Hay is a former American Military R&R facility that has been turned into a resort destination that features parks, a golf course, hotels, restaurants and shopping arcades. You can spend a day walking around the rolling greens, shop at the Mile-hi shopping arcade for imported goods or local souvenirs, or choose among the numerous restaurants and coffee shops that pepper the area.

Shop in the Local Market

The Baguio City Market has all the best produce in the Cordillera region, from dry goods to vegetables and even if you dont intend to buy anything, its interesting activity to just visit the market to hobnob with the locals and other tourists as well. Here you can fin rows upon rows of vendors selling the freshest vegetables and fruits, jars of jams and other local sweets as well as souvenir items, all for virtually half the price of the items sold by street hawkers. While the market can be crowded during the weekends, it is airy, clean and safejust keep your children close because they can easily get lost in the mass of shoppers in the area.

Visit Famous Parks

Baguio is home to many parks including the Botanical Gardens, where indigenous peoples hang out for photo opportunities with tourists (for a fee). You can also check out Sunshine Park a few steps away from Burnham Park, Japanese Garden, Bell Ampitheater, Peoples Park and Mines View.