Family Activities in Angeles City - Philippines

Angeles is a city just two hours from Manila. This is an accessible place where families and friends can go for a weekend break to spend with their loved ones. There are many things that you can do in Angeles. In Angeles you can do things close to nature, cultural visits and religious activities.

Visiting the natural wonders in Angeles City

Visitors in Angeles city can enjoy a spectacular view of Mount Arayat. This is a volcano that has remained dormant for years. There is a legend that states that this is where the popular fairy called Mariang Sinukuan lives. She guards the mountain. There is a park at the mountains foot. This is an ideal place for having a picnic and enjoying the great foliage with your family. There is a waterfall and swimming pools too. Visitors in the park can see different kinds of plants and animals. Visiting a sanctuary for the birds is a good thing to do in the Candaba Swamps. Guests can see birds living in China migrate in the swamps during the cold winter.

Visiting the Churches for a Religious Experience

a. Santa Catalina Church You can visit a church honoring St. Catherine of Alexandra. It belongs to the oldest churches in the whole region. This church is known for the classic and old architectural style.

b. In Angeles city guests can see the Apu Chapel. This church is built for the Lord of the Holy Sepulchre . Many devotees visit the church each Friday. Near the church are several tiangge which are markets that sell bargain items.

c. Holy Rosary Cathedral - This is an old church built around 1896. This was established through the forced work imposed by the Spanish rulers.

Number 3. Enjoying an adventure in the Hanging Bridge

This is also called as the suspension bridge in Candaba. The design is similar to the bridge in San Francisco, United States. This place is great for picture taking, make sure you bring your camera!

Shopping and Enjoying some Special Events in the Clark Economic Zone

Clark has changed into a world class place for aviation. There are also modern establishments here like a casino and a trade center. A duty free shopping mall can also be found here where many expats and local shoppers go to buy products made from other countries. During February a festival featuring different hot air balloons occur. Different enthusiast for the hot air balloons gathers here to showcase their designs. Visitors can also have th option of having an ecotour of Clark as well as Arayat. This tour will include touring the park in Arayat, visiting the Gardens of the World and flying over Mount Pinatubo. The company Omni Aviations offers this tour giving them a majestic view of the entire volcano

Enjoying Different Festivals in Angeles

In San Fernando city a festival for lanterns occur every third of December. A huge parade of big lanterns lights the place some lanterns can even reach up to forty feet in width. Some lanterns use more than one thousand five hundred bulbs. Another festival called Kuliat is celebrated during October. This is celebrated in a month honoring La Naval. A festival for the milkfish called Bangus in the Philippines also takes place in Angeles every year. There is big parage where people display different ways to cook Bangus.