Dive Sites Reachable From Manila - Philippines

Dive enthusiasts from Manila need not go far to enjoy their sport. Just visit Mabini Town and Balayan Bay in Batangas and choose any of the top 5 dive sites reachable from Manila-Philippines found there.

Anilao Dive Site

Batangas is a mere 2 to 3 hours from Manila by a car if people take either the coastal road via Cavite and Tagaytay or the South Luzon Express Road. They may also opt to take a public bus by just taking one bound for Batangas City and drop off at the Bauan bus stop. At the bus stop there are public jeeps to Mabini, Batangas and then get off at Anilao. Enjoy the cool blue sea at Anilao with several water sports like scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, sailing, wind surfing, and skin diving. The waters are safe and gentle, tamed by the natural break waters that the Balayan Bay provides. Anilao, among the closest dive site to Manila, affords very spectacular deep sea sites and is foremost in the top 5 dive sites reachable from Manila-Philippines.

Vistamar Dive Site and Beach Resort

This is the ideal dive site for those who want to take their families to the trip but their families are not dive enthusiasts. The 2-hectare dive site and resort in Mabini, Batangas has a hotel and restaurant, posh picnic pavilions, and many more facilities the family would enjoy while the diver gets the latest in the diving sports. The site is very good for first-timers in diving. Nevertheless, being abundant in sharks, mantas, crayfish and starfish, sea wrecks, and corals, experienced divers are also sure to get the most out their trip at Vistamarsecond in the top 5 dive sites reachable from Manila-Philippines. Spear-fishing is not allowed, so is coral and shell collection. Clear visibility is at 1,264 meters. A dive session after a round of seminars is also possible with the resorts seminar facilities.

The 5 Dive Points

Also nearby Anilao and Vistamar are the 5 dive points adjacent to each other---Ligpo Point, Cathedral, Sombrero, Layag-Layag, and Sepok Point. See fascinating coral and rock formation underwater, especially the one at Cathedral Point. The rock patterns look like seats in an amphitheater. These were actually artificially seeded with corals where schools of colorful fish inhabit and flourish and are quite accommodating to dive visitors, especially those with cameras. Sombrero Point has an interesting hat-brim reef formation and the sea floor descends as one progresses forward, experiencing stronger deep sea water currents in the process. Most of these portions, along with the Layag-Layag, are for experienced divers only. However, Sepok Point affords tame waters good for novice divers. Exploring these charming 5 dive spots will tell divers why it is an imperative to see the third in the top 5 dive sites reachable from Manila-Philippines.

Verde Island Dive Site

With a drop off point at 1,131 meters, this dive spot is perfect for experienced divers and is in the top 5 dive sites reachable from Manila-Philippines. Some divers who have tried Verde Island say its among picturesque drop off sites in the country. Just be cautious of the powerful under current. However, south of the site offers tame and shallow waters conducive for beginners. There is an abundance of hard and soft corals here where tropical fish live.

Mapating Dive Site

For divers crazy about shark-watching, this spot ought to do it. This is strictly for experienced divers with guides familiar with the site and the behavior of the sharks that frequent the area.

Thus, when in Manila and aching for a dive, just proceed to Mabini, Batangas.