Dive Sites in Zamboanga - Philippines

Known for its splendid natural habitats and reserves, Zamboanga has always been high on the itinerary of places to visit among diving enthusiasts. The top 5 vide sites in Zamboanga should give new divers some idea on where to begin their adventures.

Pitas Island

Accessible by vinta (a local boat), Pintas is a picturesque little island that will captivate your senses the moment you behold its loveliness.

Part of the group called by the locals as the Eleven Islands, it is famous first and foremost for the clarity and beauty of the water, which, in terms of transparency and cleanliness, has few equals in the archipelago. Taking the plunge the images that emerge will seem to come from a dream as some of the most gorgeous coral reefs will appear before your eyes. You will also find yourself alongside multicolored snappers, wrasse and other fish.

Visa Island

Visa Island is another haven for diving enthusiasts, and while it is not as large as the others among the Eleven Islands, it is right up there in terms of beauty.

Embarking upon the island and you will find yourself stepping on white sands of great splendor; moving forward you will see the waters itself, whose bluish hue and shade are striking. Underneath, various fishes and other sea life forms, from trevallies, seahorses, starfish and frogfish, swim and flourish.


Caragasan has always been a perennial favorite among local tourists, and now its hidden beauty is being discovered by the rest of the world as well.

Commanding a stunning view of the Basilan Straight, Caragasan is preferred by new divers as its waters are not so deep, and offer you a chance to glimpse the hidden delights beneath the surface, all the while learning the nuances of deep sea snorkeling.

Anipa Island

Anipa is reachable by a boat ride from Zamboanga, and once you get there, be prepared for some truly amazing diving.

Going scuba diving at Anipa Island will reveal the striking coral reefs that lie atop the fascinating rock formations, all the while gorgeous fishes, from frogfish to rays, glide around them. For the even more adventurous, there are also caves and crevices galore.

Little Manalipa Island

Little Manalipa Island is right next to Anipa, and just like its neighboring island, is filled with some of the most awe-inspiring and delightful coral reefs in the peninsula.

The sands at Little Manalipa Islands are exquisite, and gazing at the sunsets can be a soothing experience. Diving into the clear waters, and a great variety of lionfish, pelagic fish, trigger fish, not to mention multicolored soft corals, will greet you.

Diving is always a pleasurable experience, and in Zamboanga, each and every dive will be a different and thrilling adventure.