Dive Sites in Surigao - Philippines

Surigao may not yet be a major tourist destination, but it has its share of sightseeing spots. Among those that might appeal to you are its diving sites, which contain some of the most fascinating elements and underwater life forms in the archipelago.

The Wall

For sheer size, the dive site christened as the Wall is worth exploring, but there are a lot of other factors going for it.

The currents do not fluctuate as much so even new divers will have little trouble adjusting to the conditions. There is a sloping wall here that goes down some 50 meters, covered with colorful corals, and the wall itself has several crevices and holes which you can explore. There are also lots of fish and marine life there.

The Caverns

As the name suggests, the Caverns is filled with several fissures and cracks that will bring out the explorer in you.

Each of these caves have their own attractions, but one thing they share in common is that they are spacious, so you can swim in the caves, which can turn the dive into a most unique experience. There are also several types of eagle rays, parrotfish and mackerels around.

Machine Gun Center

Exactly how the site got the name is not clear, but one thing that will become apparent once you get there is its splendor.

You dont have to go too deep (just around 10 meters), to see the centerpiece, a coal garden resting on beautifully sculpted rock formations. Besides the corals, there are other caverns and places to uncover, not the least of which is a boat that sank somewhere here years ago.

Nigels Hook

Nigels Hook is one of the more challenging dive sites in Surigao, but the dive will be worth it once you see whats in store.

The rock promontories here are varied and shaped in unique ways, giving you plenty of rooms to investigate. A variety of stingrays, black tip sharks and some sea turtles can be seen in the area.

Satan Rock

Satan Rock, or simply the Rock, is a dive center known for its strong currents but also for the lovely scenery.

As you go into the waters with your guide, be sure to check out the walls, as they are filled with corals of great diversity. Among the numerous marine life you will find here, one of the most common is the manta ray. There are also several barracudas.

Although there are not yet as many resorts around Surigao as in other Philippine dive sites, its natural beauty continues to attract divers and swimmers. If you want to go diving in waters few have dared to explore, the top 5 dive sites in Surigao may be what you are looking for.