Dive Sites in Subic - Philippines

Subic is known for its bay of the same name which has a long naval history. The Subic Bay was once the site of the battle in the World War II between Americans and Japanese who were fighting for the Philippine territory. Now, Subic is well known for its dive sites and more specifically its wreck dive sites. The wrecks came about during the 19th century in the Spanish-American war and in the WW II as well and different kinds of wrecks can be found. Discover the best wreck dives here in the list of top 5 dive sites in Subic Philippines.

San Quentin Wreck

The San Quentin Wreck is a 19th century steam gunboat of Spanish origin. The wreck itself is a little decayed but several parts are still intact which places this dive site on the top 5 dive sites in Subic Philippines. You will find several tropical fish such as groupers, sweetlips and jacks. The maximum depth is only 12 meters which makes this wreck dive site a great dive for beginners. The currents are also weak as well and you can reach this dive site within 5 minutes by boat from the Subic Bay area.

Oryoku Maru Wreck

The Oryoku Maru Wreck is now barely intact but its story is what brought it into the top 5 dive sites in Subic Philippines. This Japanese luxury boat was responsible in shipping away American and British war prisoners but it was sunk by allied fighters who didnt know that the vessel housed hundreds of allied prisoners. The ships were known by the American as ships of hell because of the conditions the prisoners were held in. The dive site is 18 meters deep and you will now see a lot of iron from the bombed liner. The dive site has clownfish, angelfish, sweetlips and lobsters. You will also find several schools of barracudas and tunas.

Seiun Maru Wreck

The Seiun Maru was a cargo vessel of Japanese origin and was sunk by the Americans around 1945. The wreck is not intake anymore except the bow and the stern. You will find that a lot of this structure has already collapsed in time, but instead, this wreck dive site has a variety of marine species which is why it is in the top 5 dive sites in Subic - Philippines. You will find schools of jacks, several spotted sweetlips, and coral trouts. The depth can go from 18 meters to 27 meters.

El Capitan Wreck

The El Capitan wreck used to be a 130 meter long freighter and is part of the top 5 dive sites in Subic Philippines. The wreck itself is pretty much destroyed as well as the Seiun Maru Wreck, but here again the marine wildlife compensates for the lack of the wreck. This dive is pretty shallow and suitable for beginners since it is only 5 to 18 meters deep. Here you can see tangs, glass eyes, gobies, wrasses, lobsters, spotted sweetlips, crabs and clownfish.

USS New York Wreck

The USS New York is an American war ship that was sunk during the Japanese-American war because the Americans were afraid of Japanese capturing the large ship. The USS New York is very much intact and this is the best and biggest wreck dive in the entire Philippines that is why it is one of the best on the top 5 dive sites in Subic - Philippines. The wreck is easily penetrated and you will feel like discovering an old ship wreck for the first time. Most parts of the wreck are yet undiscovered and untouched so it would be very advisable to be a little more experienced in diving before you target this wreck. The USS New York is home to lionfish, barracudas, sweetlips, lobsters and spotted sting rays. The depth of this wreck goes up to 27 meters and there are no currents. Make sure that this dive will not be your last because many have gone missing in their zealous efforts of discovering too much.