Dive Sites in Sorsogon - Philippines

Sorsogon for many years now has been labeled the lair of the Whale Shark, but there are other less well known but equally splendid dive sites around the province. As you plan your trip to Sorsogon City, here are dive centers you might want to consider visiting.


There are many reasons why you will want to go to this province, but for a lot of tourists it is for one reason only, and that is go diving at Donsol.

Donsol, of course, is the town where the Whale Sharks or butanding gather around early March to May. These gentle giants are without question the most popular attraction in Sorsogon, but the waters off Donsol are also perfect for diving, as the coral reefs, fish and rock formation combine for an enthralling underwater scenery.

The Manta Bowl

From Ticao Pass you will find the Bulan coast where another interesting dive site called Manta Bowl can be found.

A dive into the waters off Manta Bowl will spring up a number of interesting sights, not the least of which are the awesome looking Manta Rays. A full grown adult can have a wingspan of over 12 ft. Aside from these creatures, there are plenty of planktons in the area which draw in the Whale Sharks.


If you are a new diver and somewhat hesitant to go deep in the waters, theres always the beach off Dancalan.

As you jump in the waters, you will find a profusion of coral reefs along with the other life forms that thrive on them. There are also several lovely cottages and resorts in the vicinity where you can relax and enjoy first class amenities.


Being right next to Donsol it should come as no surprise that Pilar is also becoming famous for its diving sites.

Aside from looking for the Whale Sharks, you can also relish other beautiful sights in the seas, such as the soldier fish, starfish different types of coral reefs and other types of fishes and marine life.

Matnog Islands

Matnog Island actually refers to a group of islands from which you can do some island hopping and of course scuba diving.

Among these islands are Calintaan, Subic Juag and Tikling. All of them possess their own attractions, with white sands, pink sands, sea shells, and more. In addition the entire area is centered around coral reefs, underwater caverns and crevices. These naturally attract a host of different and colorful fishes all of which combine to create an underwater scene of immense beauty.

The province has come a long way in terms of just being recognized solely for Donsol, and as this guide to the top 5 dive sites in Sorsogon shows, there are several beaches and dive centers you may explore. It is a luxury that an increasing number of people are now discovering, and will only increase some more as the years go by.