Top 5 Dive Sites in Samar - Philippines

The natural beauty of Samar is best experienced through its diving and swimming sites. Although not yet widely known, the fact that they are mostly unexplored means you can savor their natural beauty all the more.

Calicoan Island

The main attraction of Calicoan Island is its white sand, which runs uninterrupted for several kilometers, but there is more once you make the dive.

The crystal clear blue waters make plain the awe inspiring rocks, crevices and slopes around you. You will also see some of the most varied types of aquatic marine life in the area, and also seaweed and plankton. In addition, Calicoan is also noted for the presence of shrimp, prawns, crabs and the like.

Guiuan Island

From being a military base during World War II, the municipality of Guiuan has been transformed into a haven for beach lovers.

There are actually several beaches around Guiuan, and what they all share in common are the wonderful vistas beneath the surface. There are coral reefs, soldier fish, manta rays and other exotic types of fish. Unusual looking fissures will also invite exploration, and the relatively smooth current will allow you to enjoy the view easily.

Kantican Island

The waters off Kantican Island, which is only 45 minutes by pump boat from Guiuan, is becoming a popular site for divers both local and foreign.

The waters at Kantican Island are pure and under the surface are impressive looking rock configurations and formations. An assortment of fish and marine life, from frog fish to tuna fish, can be seen there.

Blanca Aurora Falls

Blanca Aurora Falls is in Guandara, more or less 40 km from Catbalogan and features an interesting natural rock formation beneath the waterfalls which act as a shelter. Standing beneath it you can watch the falls without getting drenched.

Diving into Blanca Aurora Falls however, should be experienced by diving buffs; the sudden rush of the cool waters will be refreshing, and so are the beautiful sights beneath the surface. There is also a resort nearby, and a spot where you can have a picnic.

Nasarang Falls

Driving 30 km east away from Catbalogan you will find the enchanting Nasarang Falls, a most remarkable natural spot in the Samar.

Nasarang Falls is in Lokilokon, and surrounded by luxuriant greenery, vegetation and imposing rock promontories. Because it is not yet popular among divers, chances are good you will be able to witness the beauty of the fishes and other marine life on your own.

The Philippines has always been known for its beautiful dive sites, and Samar hosts some of the most exotic and interesting dive locations in the archipelago. Give the waters of Samar a try and prepare for a most exhilarating time.