Dive Sites in Puerto Princesa - Philippines

Diving in Puerto Princesa is always something that tourists will truly enjoy. Unspoiled and unpolluted, the waters here are among the most pristine and immaculate, not just in the Philippines, but in the world.

Coron Bay

Coron is a town at Busuanga Island, and is the perfect starting point for those who want to explore some of the most exquisite diving locations in the country. Coron Bay (or Coron Reefs) actually consists of seven lakes, and are also enveloped with a lot of cliffs. There are a lot of stunning reefs here, but those who go there do so mainly for the shipwrecks. There are over a dozen, mostly from World War II. If you will go diving in Puerto Princesa, include this one.

White Beach

This is one of the beach / dive sites nearest to the city, and it is also one of the most attractive. These are well known and visited even by new scuba divers because the waters are not that deep and can be navigated easily. There are a lot of turtles, soft corals and many types of fish here. There are also a lot of hammerhead sharks, butanding (whale sharks) and rays in the area. The walls around the dive site are also well known for being filled with reefs.

Taytay Bay

Those who go diving in Puerto Princesa might also want to check out Taytay Bay. Although it is a little farther than most dive sites around the city, it will be worth the trip, because there are scores of dive sites here. In addition, there are a lot of cottages and resorts in the area, which can make your diving experience more exciting.

Port Barton

This is around the western end of Palawan. If you like diving in Puerto Princesa, this can be a truly enjoyable site to explore, as it is a gateway to other dive sties. Shark Rock, as the name suggests, is very popular because whaletip and blacktip lurk there. Ten Fathoms and Royalist Shoals are filled with corals. There are also a lot of leopard sharks, groupers, parrotfish and various nudibranches to be seen and admired.

El Nido

Encompassing over 90,000 hectares this is a marine reserve, with a plethora of ecosystems, rainforests, dive sites and many more. When you go diving here, you will see some of the most beautiful coral reefs, manta rays, snappers and even the sea cow.

Diving in Puerto Princesa is a unique experience, and something that cannot be duplicated anywhere else. Such is the beauty of the place, indeed the entire province, that it has become synonymous with everything that is lovely and exotic about nature and diving.