Dive Sites in Puerto Galera - Philippines

On first impression this sleepy white sand port of Puerto Galera doesnt look like it harbors the most interesting dive sites in the Philippines, but look again. You have the nations widest collection of adventure and deep dives in one single spot and today we will be showing you which dive sites are the best of the best in Puerto Galera with the top 5 dive sites in Puerto Galera Philippines.

Kilima Drift

Kilima Drift is on the top 5 dive sites in Puerto Galera - Philippines. This drift dive should only be pursued by experienced divers due to the strong currents. You will be drifting in a speed of 10 km per hour and you will see schools of barracuda, trevally, and mackerel. You will occasionally find a reef shark and of course lots and lots of hard and soft coral. The maximum depth for the Kilima Drift is around 30 meters.

Sinandigan Wall

The Sinandigan Wall dive is one of the top 5 dive sites in Puerto Galera Philippines where you will become a hunter for nudibranchs. This dive site is famous for its critters and colorful nudibranch and cuttlefish. Nudibranchs inhabit this dive site en masse and if you ever wondered why they are so brightly colored; it is because they eat sponges which are inedible for most marine life because sponges have strong chemicals. These chemicals are being stored in the nudibranch which results in a bad taste of the sea slug itself. The color is simply a warning sign that symbolizes bad taste. The minimum depth of the Sinandigan Wall dive site is 5 meters and the maximum depth is 30 meters.

Marcus Cave

Only a few people know that Puerto Galera has great deep dive sites which can only be reached with a tech diver certification. This makes Puerto Galera the haven for tech diving and thus it deserves its place on the top 5 dive sites in Puerto Galera Philippines. The cave is located at a depth of 55 meters and you will find plenty of sea fans, gorgonian fans, tree corals, occasional white tip and black tip reef sharks and sweetlips as well as groupers. The fact that you can actually enter the Marcus Cave in this dive site makes it even more exciting.

Manila Channel

The Manila Channel dive site is another wonderful drift dive where you will see the abundance in marine species up close. This is on the top 5 dive sites in Puerto Galera Philippines because it is not only a relaxing drift dive, but this dive also enables you to see plenty of tropical fish such as damsels, anthias, butterflyfish, parrotfish, snappers, tuna, sweetlips and many more. You will also be able to see large basket sponges and tree corals en masse. The maximum and minimum depths are 5 meters to 18 meters.

Verde Island

The Verde Island is the top one dive spot in the top 5 dive sites in Puerto Galera Philippines because it is a day trip full of exciting dives to experience. The travel time from the shores of Puerto Galera is about 1 hour and you will find three dive sites on the Verde Island dive spot. You will find the drift dive the Washing Machine, the deep dive the Blackfish Pinnacle and the beautiful reef of pelagic schools called the Dropoff. This dive site is a triple threat that you should not miss whenever you visit Puerto Galera.