Dive Sites in Palawan - Philippines

The El Nido Marine Reserve

For most tourists, El Nido is considered the premier diving site in the whole of Palawan and Puerto Princesa. It measures up to 90,000 hectares and serves as the widest complete marine life and wildlife sanctuary. For people who loves getting in touch with nature, there are a lot of nature activities that you can do. This includes exploring mangrove trees, forests, cliffs and dealing with wild animals. For diving enthusiasts, this diving site showcases the most colorful and brilliant coral reef in Palawan. Here you can see a lot of fishes and you can even spot a whale shark (or buntanding).

Taytay Bay

Taytay Bay is among the most popular and famous dive sites in the city of Puerto Princesa. Taytay bay is studded with a lot of beautiful white sand resorts and shopping stores, but the highlight of the bay is the wate itself and everything that is found underneath the surface. The water of Taytay bay is great for diver having moderate skills, however, beginners can also enjoy diving on the site as long as they are accompanied by a skilled diver. Taytay bay has some water current changes. In this dive site, you will see various specie of sharks, corals, sponges and reefs.

Coron Reef Dive Site

Found at the Busuanga Island, Coron Reef Dive Site is among the most recommended choice of veteran divers. It can be reached from Puerto Princesa uaing a motor boat. One you are in Busuanga, you will come across the Coron Reef situated in Coron Bay which is home to a lot of dive sites. Coron Reef dive site showcases not only the beauty of marine corals and fishes, the main attraction of the dive site are the ship wrecks found on the sea floor and other Japaneses Ships used during the World War II.

Red Cliff

Red cliff dive site is approximately ten minutes away from Puerto Princesa Bay. It considered the most ideal dive sites for the beginners. The current of the water in Red Cliff is smooth and clam making it perfect for new divers. The depth of the dive site is also not very deep, it is only about 20 feet or approximately 7 meters. Red Cliff dive site has good diving facility that aids first time divers learn the proper way of diving. When you are in Red Cliff, you need not to dive deeper depths since you can already see beautiful corals and different kind of fishes beneath the depths. You can also see a lot of turtles swimming with you and roaming around the sea floor.

Port Barton Dive Site

Port Barton Dive Site is located at the North end part of Puerto Princesa and is among the newest dive sites in Palawan. Since this dive site is not yet fully explored, it has a lot of untold secrets and wonders that hides beneath the water surface. This dive site showcases the presence of whale sharks, hammerhead sharks, snapper fish, whitetip sharks and nurse sharks, so if you are planning to go to this dive site, you need to be very careful. On the sea floor you can see a lot of corals and more beautiful ones lie on the deeper part of the site.