Dive Sites in Ormoc - Philippines

Ormoc is not just a center for business and commerce in Leyte, but is also a place where you can experience exciting and thrilling diving through the numerous sites and centers. If you are a diving aficionado, these are some of the sites you may want to add to your itinerary.

Heavens Gate

The local name for this dive site is Tangkaan Point but by whatever name you refer to it, you will agree that the site (which is to the southeast point of the island) is filled with beauty and grandeur.

The currents in Heavens Gate are not that difficult to navigate, so this dive site is ideal even for beginners. Among the many things that you will encounter here are an array of hard and soft corals, manta rays, soldier fish and gorgonians, among others.

Adrians Cove

One of the most popular dive sites around Limasawa Island, Adrians Cove will appeal to divers owing to the strikingly beautiful life forms beneath the waters.

There are several types of wrasse here and sea squirts and tuna fish swim amongst the coral reefs. Not only are the corals here of varying colors but also of different varieties including the staghorn corals.

Peters Mound

Peters Mound is only a boat ride away from Ormoc City, and presents an attractive and at times challenging dive site to navigate.

Part of the challenge is due to the changing currents, but with an experienced guide youll be able to manage just fine. Coming to a depth of some 600 ft there will be fusiliers, gorgonians, starfish and other denizens of the ocean deep that will greet you.

Gunters Wall

Also in Limasawa Island is the popular Gunters Wall, where some of the most exotic and varied types of sea life reside.

There are the black corals and the shrimp mantis, and it is also not uncommon to see clusters of tuna fish and frogfish swimming near the coral reefs. Green tube corals are also prevalent here, and also some interesting looking crevices.

Bonnies Place

Bonnies Place is another dive site worthy of your consideration as it combines various elements to make for a beautiful diving experience.

Along with the coral reefs that seem to illuminate the blue waters are also several kinds of shrimp, rays, and nudibranch gliding about the sea. Also in the area are some steep walls, crevices and unusual looking rock formation you may scrutinize. Navigating the rocks may take some getting used to, but there are a few diving centers in the area that will help you learn to dive so that will not be a problem.

Any one of these top 5 dive sites in Ormoc will provide you with an exciting voyage into the depths of the sea, and the sights and sounds of these hidden wonders will be something you will remember.