Dive Sites in Leyte - Philippines

The historical landmarks and museums are not always enough for visitors who are looking for excitement in Leyte. The best and most exciting way to spend your vacation time is through diving. This province has been named one of the best dive spots in the Philippines and you will be surprised at the marine diversity that you will find yourself enveloped with. Enjoy the best dive spots with the help of our list of the top 5 dive sites in Leyte Philippines.

Limasawa Island

Usually we would save the best for last, but this dive site is too good to be named in the end. The Limasawa Island is the best you can find in the entire region and it belongs to the top 5 dive sites in Leyte Philippines not only because of its marine flora and fauna but also because of its diversity in macro and micro species. The island is home to barracudas, tunas, jacks and mackerel but if you feel like you have seen them before, then just wait for the turtles, rays, and sharks. Did we mention that you can see manta rays and whale sharks for hours at a time? The maximum depth of the dive spot is 35 meters and the minimum depth is 10 meters. The island is ideal for all diver levels.

Pananon Island

Pananon Island is also dubbed as one of the best spots in the Philippines and of course it landed in a spot of the top 5 dive sites in Leyte Philippines. It is here where you will find Napantaw Fish Sanctuary which is home to barracudas, batfish, turtles, groupers, soft and hard corals and gorgonian fans. Maximum depths range around 40 meters and the minimum is 10 meters. This dive site is ideal for advanced open water divers or even tech divers. Since the currents are often strong, beginners are not advised to dive in this dive site.


The Malitbog dive sites include great wreck diving and critter hunts and deserve the spot on the top 5 dive sites in Leyte Philippines. This site is ideal for underwater photography where you will find colorful nudibranchs and crinoids. Explore the depths up to 40 meters and find the Cemetery Wreck which is a ship wreck that is encrusted with corals and this is the place where you will find rare coral species. Malitbog is definitely worth the dive and can be undertaken by all levels of divers.


Libagon is yet another great dive site in the top 5 dive sites in Leyte Philippines. The dive site starts at 10 meters and drops off all the way down to 40 meters and attractions that you will find are various tropical fish. Expect to see groupers, wrasses, surgeons, snappers and occasionally a turtle or a sea snake. This dive site is one of many dive sites in Leyte with strong currents which means that beginner level divers should stay away from this site.


This is a dive site for experienced and advanced divers only because of the deep dives and strong currents. This place is home to the Tabugon Fish Sanctuary and the Tagbak Marine Park. Liloan is the perfect spot to see whales, dolphins and whale sharks. You might occasionally come across other marine mammals as well. This dive site wraps up your diving tour through Leyte very well and gives it a very good climax with the marine mammals.

The top 5 dive sites in Leyte Philippines started out with whale sharks and ends with even more marine mammals. Do not forget your camera to document your underwater adventures in this province and show it to your friends and family back home.