Dive Sites in Legazpi - Philippines

Busay Falls

For those who are in search for an attractive, majestic and beautiful dive site in Legazpi, they should consider visiting Busay Falls. With the distinct structure of the dive site, many tourists go to this place throughout the year. Located at Bario Malilipot, Busay Falls has other features that make it luring to travelers and locale people. The forest canopy that surrounds the falls provides a cozy and refreshing ambiance in the dive site. Aside from the interesting scenery at the dive site, the place has a secluded and safe parking area.

Vera Falls

Besides Busay Falls, tourists can also have a wonderful and enjoyable diving experience at Vera Falls. Situated within the Municipality of Malinao, Vera Falls have attractive features like the enticing rock formations that surround the site. People who like to hike can surely enjoy going to this place since on the way to the dive site, individuals should pass through slippery and challenging roads. On the other hand, there is a secured parking area near the dive site, so those who will go to the site with the use of their own vehicles have nothing to worry about the safety of their properties.

Palale Falls

Another beautiful dive site that people can find in the Municipality of Malinao is Palale Falls. This dive site is similar with Busay Falls since it is surrounded by a forest canopy. This place is very luring to divers who are in search for a site that is situated in a serene and peaceful area of the city. Hence, to reach the site, people should walk in challenging trails.

Corangon Island

One of the famous tourist destinations in Legazpi City, Corangon Island takes the spot in the top 5 dive sites in Legazpi Philippines. Many tourists visit this dive site because aside from Lagonoy Gulfs clear waters, they can also see different beautiful and admirable shells in the island. To have a safe diving experience in Corangon Island, people are advised to undergo special training in diving since the restless tides of the sea surrounding the island affect the visibility of the site.

Bugsucan Falls

Situated in Tiwi, Bugsucan Falls is one of the most popular dive spots in Legazpi City. The site is attractive in the sense that it features beautiful rock formations as well as tall and thick trees. Because of these, most people who visit the place are those who are considered as thrill seekers. However, the place has a safe parking area so tourists who want to visit the place have nothing to worry about the security and safety of their vehicles. With all the attractive features of Bugsucan Falls, there is no doubt that every year many tourists in the place show interest in visiting this dive site.