Dive Sites in Laoag - Philippines

Full of life and adventure, the city of Laoag is also the place where you can appreciate the brilliance of nature through diving. Let this top 5 dive sites in Laoag serve as your guide to the veiled treasures that lie beneath its blue waters.

Badoc Island

Approximately 40 km from Laoag is the island of Badoc, home of some of the most diverse and colorful fish and corals in Ilocos Norte.

Diving into the waters of Badoc Island, you will see some interesting sea creatures, including shrimps and several lobsters and crabs. Exploring further and several fissures and small caverns will be found, as well as some small peaks and troughs.

The Malingay Cove

Journeying to Sitio Malingay, you will find a cove that bears its name, and although hidden well by rugged paths and landscapes, it is a trek that diving buffs will be willing to make.

The waters here are pure and untainted, its secluded spot sparing it from the effects mass tourism sometimes produces. The clear visibility of the waters provides one with an unobstructed view of the lush seascape, where colorful fish of various types swim and frolic.

The Don Hermanos Islands

Not far from the Malingay Cove are the Don Hermanos Islands, where more diving adventures await.

Among the fish that have been seen here include eagle rays, red snappers and more. There are also areas where you can find sloping walls and some caverns which you can explore in depth. The visibility here is also quite good so you can take pictures.


Currimao is home to a friendly community of local folk that make their living mostly from fishing, but for divers there is plenty to see here.

The variety of fish here are extensive, with tuna, sting rays, mackerel, sweetlips, snappers and more. Planktons and several kinds of water plants flourish here, all in the midst of striking rock structures, fissures and cracks.

Natba Island

Coming from the airport it will only take you 10 minutes or so to get to Natba Island, so it is one of the most accessible of places to go to, but its accessibility has in no way diminished its features.

Some of the largest jacks in the waters of Ilocos swim here; lapu lapu, parrot fish, and lionfish are among the other sea denizens you will find at this dive site. There are also intriguing underwater caves, planktons and coral reefs here. With all its attractions, it has become a favorite among divers who engage in underwater photography.

Diving is an option that is not usually associated with Laoag, but these dive centers prove that there is more to the city than what is commonly held. For those who want to see the marvels of the deep, Laoag could be the place you are looking for.