Dive Sites in Iloilo - Philippines

If you have never been to Iloilo, you may be surprised at the number of dive sites that you can actually go to. The following are the best of the best, and whichever you choose, will bring forth fun and adventure.


Iyang Beach can be located near Concepcion, and it is well loved by swimming and diving aficionados for marvels in and around its waters.

The sands surrounding Iyang Beach has never failed to mesmerize people, and so do the sunsets that you can witness in the afternoons. Going diving here is an activity that even novices can try, as the currents are not as strong compared with other areas. Even better, you need not go too deep to witness the spectacular corals and fascinating aquatic life forms.


Not far from Carles, Balbagon Island features striking fish and life forms unique to the area, and an assortment of coral reefs.

The pristine condition of the waters around Balbagon Island is turning it into one of those places that water enthusiasts now go to. From the inclined and steep walls to the unspoiled sand, there is always something fascinating to see in these waters.


Danao-Danao is also found in the vicinity of Concepcion, and is part of the chain of islands that showcases the natural beauty of Iloilo.

If you love snorkeling or scuba diving, you will definitely want to make a stop here, as the sights are as varied as the colors of the rainbow. The rocks and walls have been beautifully sculpted by nature, and the multicolored coral reefs that lie on them illuminate the sea. Around the reefs are a collection of life forms that you will rarely see anywhere else.

Anhawan Island

Anhawan Island provides a perfect mixture of white sands and sparkling blue waters, thus the ideal setting for scuba diving and snorkeling.

Not being as well known as the other diving centers, it does present the advantage of being quiet and allows you to enjoy diving in relative solitude. While some beaches only offer hard or soft coral reefs, here you can see both types, and some of them can be found along the walls beneath the sea. As you swim along expect to find glittering angel fish, manta rays and other fish types to swim with you.

Igbon Island

Iloilo has a number of beautiful islands that have yet to gain popularity, and one of them is Igbon Island, but it probably wont be long before people flock to it.

Those who have come and gone diving along this island have praised its cleanliness and purity, with the treasures of the deep clearly visible. Colorful fishes and crabs move along gracefully, swimming around some of the most delicate and elegant reefs in the archipelago.

These are the top 5 dive sites in Iloilo, and the ever growing number of visitors to the area is proof of the enchantments and beauty that lie concealed in these places.