Dive Sites in General Santos - Philippines

Tinoto Wall

Among the most frequently visited diving spots in General Santos is Tinoto Wall in the Sarangani Bay, whose depths unleashes brilliant wonders under the sea. Tinoto Wall dive site drops to 50 meters and can go deeper to a depth of 300 meters, the limit that a diver can reach. If you are to dive in Tinoto Wall, it is important that you should keep your distance awareness. However, for people who are up for the challenge and takes the risk of going deeper than the extreme limit, you will be rewarded greatly. You will encounter stunning rock formations under that are rarely seen including a descent deep down called the abyss.

Takot Maasim

Takot Maasim is another dive site near the Sarangani Bay. This is not as popular as the other dive sites but the view down below is something you'll truly look forward. It is just a 45 minute boat ride from the Port of General Santos. This dive site has a moderate to heavy water current depending on the day's weather. The depth of this dive site showcases different kinds of fished including rays and trigger fish.

Takot Malbang

Just a few meters away from the Takot Maasim is the Takot Malbang Dive site. It one of the many dive sites in General Santos City that is enjoyed by both neophyte and seasoned divers. This dive site has an unstable current and because of the changing of the tides, one must know how to drift in accordance with the tides. If you are skilled enough to do this, then you will truly have an exhilarating diving experience in this dive site that is imporssible to forget. This dive site showcases different types of coral reefs both soft and hard, gorgonians, and sponges. You will also see groups of rays, rainbow runners, turtles and napoleon wrasse.

Kamanga Reef

Kamanga Reef is a dive site that showcases a wide variety of coral reef variants. This dive site has a moderate current making it easier for you to navigate within the vicinity. Once you arrive on the spot, you will see different kinds of shell fishes, clown fishes, groupers, and parrot fishes around the reefs. It is a perfect dive site if you want to take a view of beautiful coral reefs with fishes in it.

Rocky Beach

Rocky Beach is situated near the Sandbar. It is the best alternative for new divers since they need not to go deeper to view the colorful corals and fishes. Going deep to this dive site will only take a few meters from the sea surface. Down below, you will see colorful coral reefs of rare variants. You will also encounter reef fishes that can be found in the vicinity of the dive site roaming around with the current. This is a good dive site for beginners to practice their diving skills since they are just a few meters away from the surface and they can instantly go back up if they encounter some problems and technicalities.