Dive Sites in Dumaguete - Philippines

The Philippines has one of the best dive sites in the world and you will find special places in every island. One of these special places can be found in Dumaguete and its surrounding areas, municipalities and cities. We will now give you the top 5 dive sites in Dumaguete Philippines that are definitely worth spending money on.

Banka and Car Wreck

The meaning of Banka is boat and the word itself comes from the local dialect. You can find the Banka and Car Wreck diving site at Dauin which is approximately 10 to 15 minutes away from downtown Dumaguete. This dive site consists of a little boat and a little car that have been sunk and this site has lots of micro and macro marine life and you will be able to find plenty of sting rays and with a little luck the scorpion fishes.

Luca Sanctuary

Luca Sanctuary is on the top 5 diving site in Dumaguete Philippines. The Luca Sanctuary is located in Dauin right in front of the El Dorado Beach Resort and the Sea Explorers Pura Vida Beach Resort and Dive Center. The Luca Sanctuary houses schools of fishes and you will find a lot of little critters. You can find dozens of eels, a couple of turtles and plenty of sponges and micro organisms. If you are lucky, you might be able to find various sea stars and sea snakes.

Dauin Sanctuary

The Dauin Sanctuary is in the top 5 dive sites in Dumaguete Philippines. You can reach it within 15 minutes from downtown Dumaguete and this dive site is home to a complete array of different corals. You will find hard and soft corals, but there is one thing you will not be able to see any more and that is the actual bottom since every inch of the sanctuary is covered in corals. You might come across the giant clam and a couple of calamari might hover your way.

The Pier

The Pier is in the top 5 dive sites in Dumaguete Philippines. The Pier is literally a pier that is used by a shipping company. With only a ten minute drive from downtown Dumaguete, you will find the Pier to be one of the most interesting places because you are diving into the pillars of a standing pier that reaches out towards the ocean. These pillars are full of micro organisms such as ghost pipe fishes and little fishes and crabs. This dive will astonish and probably scare you the same time due to its structure.

Apo Island

Part and parcel of the Dauin Sanctuaries is one little island called Apo Island which is on the top diving spot in Dumaguete Philippines. You can get to Apo from one of the beach resorts and the trip will only take around 45 minutes. You can virtually dive around the island and you can do great drift dives at Apo Island. The island itself boasts of soft and hard corals and you will see millions of fishes swimming by at every dive.

The top 5 dive sites in Dumaguete Philippines do not cover every single dive site, and that is why you should also try those that were not mentioned. A must visit however has to be at Apo Island and its dive sites.