Dive Sites in Dipolog - Philippines


This place is very popular to Filipino travelers, as well as foreigners who travel to Dakak for it features beautiful beaches. Many people enjoy diving at Dakak for there are colorful coral reefs and alluring fishes under the waters of the beach. Other attractive facilities that tourists can find at the beach are dive centers where people can enroll in different courses that teach basic and advance skills in diving. Additionally, there are restaurants along the beach where people can dine and relax after exploring the pristine waters of Dakak.

Liuay Rock

Liuay Rock takes the second spot in the top 5 dive sites in Dipolog Philippines. For those who have interest in visiting this diving site, they will not be disappointed for it features attractive starfishes, captivating corals, as well as different kinds of vertebrates. For those who are not yet recognized as professional divers, they can safely dive at this site for it is not as deep as other dive spots in the city. In addition, divers can also see soldier fishes and puffers, which add attractions to the place.

Mushroom Wall

Another most popular dive sites in Dipolog City that every tourist and vacationer should take a look at, Mushroom Wall has an estimated depth of 10 feet. Hence, some of the interesting species that people can see beneath the calm waters of the dive site are hard corals and soft corals, reef fishes, as well as beautiful rock ledges. Additionally, this place is very accessible and near to the city proper, which makes it more luring to travelers and tourists.

Cesars Reef

Considered to be in the top 5 dive sites in Dipolog Philippines, Cesars Reef offers attractive and interesting sites to divers. Most divers enjoy visiting this dive spot for they can see rare water species beneath the waters of Cesars Reef. Some of the luring species that divers can see underneath the reef are coral heads and surgeon fishes. With the depth of 180 feet, people can surely have an exciting and adventurous diving experience at this place. Aside from the aforementioned species, people can also see barracudas at Cesars Reef.

Octopus Wall

Another interesting and inviting dive site in Dipolog Philippines that travelers should visit is Octopus Wall. Underneath the waters of the dive site, people can see various beautiful water species such as rare fishes. Other interesting sites to see beneath the waters of Octopus Wall is the alluring coverings of rocks. Additionally, divers can also see sponges, tubastrea, and scorpion fishes beneath the pristine waters of Octopus Wall. Hence, with its accessibility to the different forms of land and water transportation available at Dipolog City, tourists as well as locale people will not experience hassles and problems reaching this famous dive site.