Dive Sites in Davao - Philippines

Dapia Dive Site

Dapia Dive Site is among the reefs found in Davao Gulf. It is a reef situted at Talicud Island in Samal. Dapia is approximately 45 minutes away from Sta. Cruz Port which is relatively shorter that the other dive sites here in Davao as there are some that would require two hours travel. Dapia Dive site gives you the opportunity to experience the glory of marine life. It has a very clear water that you will never lose your way in finding the depths of the site. Dapia offer sightings of big tuna, barracudas and jacks. Dapia is a bit deeper than the other dive sites in Davao. It measures 80 feet having moderate currents. This dive site offers view of dapia reefs, ox-eye scud, cabbage coral, hawksbill turtles and barrel spinges and different fish species.

Dela Paz Corner Dive Site

Just between the Talicud Isalnd and the Samal Island is the mesmerizing placed called Dela Paz Corner Dive Site. It is located at the southwest coastline of Samal. Most divers scurry to this dive site to catch the view of the deep water that cannot be found anywhere in the Philippines. The site is approximately 20 meters down and is protected by the two islands making the current very still and stable, thus the water is rarely disturbed. Such is the same when you dive deeper. It is best to go diving at this site during the night since the deep sea creature roam around the coral beds. If you dive to this site, you can expect to see some plueo and nudi branches and some pipe fishes and sponge crabs as you descend deeper.

Mushroom Rock Dive Site

At the northeastern part of the Samal Island, you will find another diving site called the Mushroom Rock Dive Site. It is a very interesting sea attraction that reveals all the secret of the Davao Gulf. This dive site is considered to be a challenging one since the current of the water is strong to prevent divers from revealing all the wonders of the underwater palace. Mushroom Rock showcases a mushroom like rock formation deep down. Most experts say that the formation is due to the strong currents that batters against its sides.

Mile Long Dive Site in Samal

At the east coast of Samal you will find the Mile-Long dive site. It is a part of Samal Island that faces Davao Gulf somewhere in the side of Compostela Valley where in there is a strong current. Generally, the water current of Mile-Long is calm, however, it tends to become stronger depending on the season. This is a dive site that is ideal for advanced divers. Mile-long basically showcases slopes of colorful coral reefs and tropical fishes roaming around the area. It is also home to a lot of anemones where butterfly fishes, shrimps and anthias lives.

Aundanao Sanctuary Dive Site Davao

Aundanao Sanctuary Dive Site is another dive site in Davao Gulf that offer a thrilling diving experience. The visibility of the dive site is clear all year round so you can dive the site anytime of the year, however the perfect time to dive this site is during the month of May and November. It is a two hour ride away from mainland. It is known as a marine sanctuary that showcases an unspoiled marine beauty that includes pelagic fish sightings. The depth of the dive site is approximately 120 feet.