Dive Sites in Cagayan de Oro - Philippines

One of the great things about going to Cagayan de Oro is that not only do you get to see the great tourist landmarks in the city but also afforded the chance to visit the beautiful diving sites in nearby Camiguin and other parts of Misamis Oriental. The following are the top 5 dive sites in Cagayan de Oro.

Constansia Reef

Just around Balingasag lies the beautiful Constansia Reef, where an abundance of fish and marine life await you.

As you get into Constansia Reef, be sure to check out the stunning coral formations on the southern side. The majority of the corals there are of the Lettuce type, and there are several kinds of marine life flourishing there, including pelagic, eagle rays, and many colorful tropical fish.

Santa Ines Wreck

For a different kind of visual spectacle, Sta. Ines features the remains of a WW II vessel. The wreckage is visible starting at around 30 ft and down to 150 ft.

Although the wreck can still be seen partially, most of it is laden with an assortment of corals (mostly of the black and fan type). There are also a lot of sweetlips, surgeons, fusiliers and snappers here, and also some lapu lapu.

Agutaya Reef

The Agutaya Reef is comprised of a lovely island of white sands with the coral reef lying on its side, which holds even more delights.

The drop off starts at around 45 ft and from there you will come across barracudas, surgeons, manta rays, and even sharks. With all these attractions, you might want to bring your camera. Another plus factor going for this diving site is that the currents are more or less constant, so there is no need to have any apprehensions of making the dive.

Medina Underwater Springs

The Medina Underwater Springs are comprised of two diving centers, Paradise and Aquarium.

The place called Paradise is known for the awesome rock formations, fissures and underwater caverns which you can explore. The Aquarium on the other hand, is known for the undersea springs that releases freshwaters upwards. Needless to say, the coral reefs here are also impressive.

Jigdup Shoal

This shoal is situated around Balbagon in Camiguin and boasts some of the most diverse denizens of the deep.

The coral reefs come in a wide array of shapes, colors and sizes, and there are also several types of fish, from pelagic, eagle rays, jacks, to batfishes. There are also several crevices and cracks to examine at this dive site.

Cagayan de Oro is an enchanting city all its own, but its proximity to some of the most exotic dive sites in Misamis Oriental and Camiguin just makes it an even more attractive site to visit.