Dive Sites in Butuan - Philippines

There is more to this ancient city than just historical markers and relics, as this listing of the top 5 dive sites in Butuan will show. From corals to sands to fish, there is always something exciting to see here.


For sheer beauty and diversity, few can match, or even come close to this dive site in Poblacion.

As you get into the waters, you will come across sloping walls covered by truly beautiful coral reefs in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Adding to the captivating scene will be the multitude of fishes that continuously roam around these walls. With its favorable currents it can be an adventure even beginners will be able to enjoy.

Punto Diwata

The name is translated as fairy point and it is certainly a fitting description as the underwater scenery is truly magical.

Once you have made the descent into the depths of Punto Diwata the deep blue will reveal the inclined walls, luminous coral reefs and sand. In addition you will see some of the most colorful fishes in all of Butuan, including the lionfish and sweetlips.


The Carmen dive site has been a favorite of both beginning and expert divers owing to its very favorable currents, but of course there is more to it than that.

The clarity of the waters is one of its most striking qualities, so much so that you can see the coral reefs even from a hundred feet up. Going in deep, you be will greeted by the sight of steep walls laden with coral reefs, and also plenty of frog fish and sea shells.


The Jabonga site is comprised of a number of different diving areas, each of which you can enjoy, even if you are a novice.

Situated in between Lawigan and San Vincente, each of the dive sites feature an assortment of fascinating underwater caverns, walls and an array of corals, sting rays, surgeons, and grouper. As such there are plenty of things to see and explore, making it one of those places where a single visit will not be enough.


If you are in search of dive sites that offer excitement and great scenery, the Tagcatong diving area is probably just right for you.

The currents can fluctuate, but with a guide you will have no problems getting around to the bottom. Upon getting to the right spot you will find yourself amongst a plethora of wrasse, angel fish, fusiliers and many more varieties. Of course corals, both hard and soft, abound in the area.

Diving is an exhilarating adventure, so when you get to the city dont forget to visit these sites, and you will discover a side to Butuan that you may have not been aware of.