Dive Sites in Bicol - Philippines

Dive sites in the Philippines have started to gain popularity internationally in the past decade and the demand for dive spots is ever more growing. There is really just one place that attracts all the tourists and the divers and this place is named Bicol. The Bicol region offers diversity, grandeur and everything exciting. Discover the top 5 dive sites in Bicol Philippines here and be the judge of the beauty that is Bicol.

Donsol Whale Shark Dives

Donsol is what Bicol is famous for in the dive community and there are really only two reasons why you would go to a place on the top 5 dive sites in Bicol Philippines; One reason are the Manta Rays and the other reason is to spot Whale Sharks. This dive can be done by any level of diver since the Whale Sharks swim from mid-water to the surface and back. You will be able to see a dozen at a time and you can even help conserve this endangered species by adopting a Whale Shark through the WWF in Donsol. Swim with the Whale Sharks up to hours at a time at the Donsol national park and visit them during the peak season from March to May.

Corangon Island

Corangon is a word in the Philippine vernacular that means coral translated. The Corangon Island is literally an island made out of corals and this itself is a novelty that allows the Corangon Island to be placed in the top 5 dive sites in Bicol Philippines. The island offers great aquatic landscapes of nothing else but corals of course. This dive site is ideal for all certified diver levels and you will be able to see some tropical fish and invertebrates.

San Miguel Marine Reserve

The next dive spot in the top 5 dive sites in Bicol Philippines list is the San Miguel Marine Reserve. This reserve was awarded 2nd best managed reef in the Philippines given by a Philippine organization that helps maintain reefs and reserves. Besides various soft and hard corals, you will find plenty of invertebrates such as nudibranchs, crinoids and other critter. This dive site is ideal for all levels of diver from beginner levels to expert levels.

Spanish Galleon Wreck

The Spanish Galleon Wreck site is located at Albay and is one of the top 5 dive sites in Bicol Philippines because it symbolizes a friendship and it provides you with a great dive site. The Spanish Galleon was a trade ship that traded between Manila and Mexico. The galleon was struck by a typhoon and sunk into the depths of the sea in the Bicol region. The dive site is now a deep dive which allows advanced open water divers to take a leap into the abyss. You will see a lot of wooden ship wreck parts overgrown with corals, clams and fans. Tropical fish seek refuge within the remains of the wreck and you will spot one or two sea snakes and nudibranchs.

Busay Falls

Yes you have read it correctly, one of the top 5 dive sites in Bicol Philippines, we are taking you to a waterfall. Waterfalls can be interesting dive sites and the Busay Falls are exactly that. Be surrounded by rain forests before you controlled descent and see some fresh water fish, fresh water crabs and shrimps and some fresh water snakes. The pre-dive and après-dive will certainly be enjoyable thanks to the 800 ft. high water fall.