Best Value Restaurants in Surigao - Philippines

Dales Foodhauz

Situated near downtown of Surigao City, Dales Foodhauz is famous for its efficient services and super friendly staff. In terms of dishes, people can be assured that they will get the best value for their money when they eat at this restaurant. For starters, this food service provider offers delicious French Fries and tasty soups. Meanwhile, for main dishes, people should try the in-house specialty Fried Chicken. Other dishes available at this place are Chopsuey, Sinigang, and Adobo. Dishes at this place are affordable that for only 50 pesos, customers can already enjoy a satisfying meal at Dales Foodhauz.

El Banco Cantina

One of the most visited food service providers by tourists in Surigao, El Banco Cantina specializes in international cuisine. Even if this restaurant serves rice meals, most of the meals available are light like sandwiches. Some of the specialties of this food service provider are Tostada and Bacon Cheeseburger. Additionally, El Banco Cantina serves crispy and sumptuous French Fries for starters. Average price of meals are 200 pesos.

The Tavern

Ranked third in the top 5 best value restaurants in Surigao Philippines is The Tavern. Dishes at this place range from 200 pesos to 700 pesos, since it promotes fine style of dining. Even if the meals are costly, customers have nothing to worry because they will surely get the best value of their money when they eat at this first-class restaurant. Two of the best dishes at The Tavern are Buttered Chicken as well as Beef and Mushroom. For light meals, the food service provider serves club sandwiches.


Another elegant and fine dining restaurant in Surigao Philippines is Adrianas. In terms of appetizers, it is best to order the delectable Crab and Corn Soup. Meanwhile, three of the in-house specialties that customers should order for main courses are Grilled Squid, Baked Mussels, as well as Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet. For deserts, this food service provider offers cakes, pastries, and sundaes. Most of the servings of dishes at the place are for five people. For the price range of 400 pesos to 600 pesos, people can surely have a best value meal at Adrianas.

Marios Grille and Restaurant

For those who are in search for a best value restaurant in Surigao that has a romantic and cozy ambiance, they should visit Marios Grille and Restaurant. Situated along Borromeo Street within Surigao City, this food service provider is very accessible to other commercial establishments like hotels and banks. For those who want to dine in this place, they should order the famous Grilled Porkchop, Sizzling Steak, as well as Buttered Shrimp. From Monday to Saturday, the restaurant features a live band that can make the dining experience of customers more memorable and enjoyable.